3 Easy Steps to make Rustic Shelves

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If you’ve arrived here, you’re likely wondering how do we make our rustic shelves?

This is one of the most common questions we receive so we thought we would share the stages we use to make our handmade shelves. The shelf style we are looking at today is our classic rustic shelves with brackets combination, this incorporates our rustic wood with unique handcrafted raw steel brackets.

3 Easy Steps to make Rustic Shelves

Step 1 : The Wood

The most important part of the shelf is the wood! So only the best timber will do…we source all our wood from FSC certified Northern Scandinavian Pine forests.

All of our wood is kiln-dried, this allows us to match the moisture content found in an average home. Each piece of wood is carefully chosen by us to make sure it meets our high quality standards.

✅   Certified FSC rustic Wood

✅   From 100% Sustainable Scandinavian Pine Forests

✅   Every piece of wood is Kiln-Dried, handpicked & checked before its made

Here is our Workshop Manager Grant inspecting the wood before cutting. We check all the rustic characteristics, this is an important first step in preparation for crafting a rustic bracket shelf.

❌   We never send anything out that isn't fully inspected

❌   We dont process anything that isn't a sustainable wood

Making Rustic Shelves

We are always making sure that the wood is up to the high standards that we have set

We are very proud of the quality and the ethical source of our wood. Thats why for every 1 tree cut down…3 are planted! Sustainable forests are very important to us! If you’re interested in learning more about our sustainability program...hit the links below!

Step 2 : The Metalwork

All of our metalwork is handcrafted in our home county of West Sussex. The brackets are made from raw steel which gives a unique colour and texture due to the handmade nature of the metal.

These brackets do not just add a decorative industrial element to the rustic bracket shelves. They are easy to install, carry 35kg, extremely versatile and will last a lifetime.

Handmade Rustic Bracket Shelves

We make sure all our metalwork is thoroughly cleaned before it is send out.

Step 3: The Craftsmanship

As you may know, all our products are handmade by our craftsmen based in West Sussex. This is where we create something truly bespoke, from rustic saw marks to Splits and Knots. All these wooden characteristics are enhanced during our process & bring out the beauty and character of the wood.

Our craftsman will cut the wood to size & check that the wood meets our rustic standards. All the edges are then sanded by hand until we feel we have made the perfect rustic shelf.

Handmade Shelves
Handcrafted Wooden Shelves

Our workshop...

The beauty behind any handmade piece is the natural variance of nature and the vision of the craftsman as they work with the wood.The next stage is where we apply natural beeswax by hand. This penetrates the timber and infuses the grain.

This application of wax not only intensifies the natural pattern of the wood but it protects the timber and gives it a water resistant finish. There are many other finishes you can use to finish a rustic shelf but we’ve found natural beeswax isn’t just the most natural looking finish, but it is one of the most robust finishes you can have.

✅   Natural Beeswax Finish

✅   All our wax colours have a 30 minute water resistant finish

✅   We have a variety of 7 different wax colour finishes to choose from

We hope you’ve found this article insightful, if you have any questions we would love to hear from you and if you would like to see our rustic shelves please visit our collection page HERE


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