How Can I Create a Rustic Country Bedroom?

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Cosy country bedroom styling has always been popular for interior décor, even when it hasn’t been mentioned as being on trend by interior designers. That’s because the idea of country living, a simpler way of life and traditional ideals will always hold appeal, wherever the bedroom might be geographically located – town, city, or country.Whether you’re holding onto the dream of retiring to the country or not, the classic styling of a country bedroom will always feel relaxing, and be an attractive way to style your bedroom.

How Can I Create a Rustic Country Bedroom?
Rustic Country Bedroom Ideas

Colour palettes for country bedrooms

We all have a slightly different idea of what is meant when we hear the words ‘country bedroom’, and that’s because there are several different ways to style a country bedroom. Generally though, the country bedroom palette is made up of gorgeous creams and off-whites, with a mixture of natural shades and pastels, and plenty of country inspired patterns. If you’re lucky enough to have wooden features such as beams in your bedroom, then definitely see if you can work with them in their natural state. Use those as your starting point to create a gorgeous rustic country bedroom, with furniture that complements the existing architectural features. 

Furniture for country bedrooms

Furniture in country bedrooms tends to be made from natural materials; wood is an essential element! Darker wood finishes are traditional, but woods that are painted in grey and white can work well, as well as lighter wood finishes. You don’t have to stick with just one type of wooden finish either – mixing and matching can work well in country bedrooms.

If you’re channelling a sturdier, longer-lasting country bedroom, then an iron bed frame can fit the country cabin bedroom aesthetic perfectly. When you’ve got the bed and wardrobe sorted, (and depending on space) you might add a leather armchair, or a bucket chair, so that you have a comfortable place to sit and read before bed. If space, or budget are limited, then even a rustic dining chair can create visual interest in a corner – and can look perfectly cottagey. 

Soft furnishings for country bedrooms

When you’re choosing soft furnishings for your country bedroom, you’ll be looking for the patterns that would traditionally be found in the countryside. Florals are a given, but country bedrooms are all about the cosiness factor – and so you can layer up those country-garden inspired floral prints with tweeds and tartan fabrics, with just a touch of gingham for a playful look. If you’re mixing patterns, you can’t go wrong with mixing floral patterns with stripes, or angular patterns. If you haven’t mixed patterns before, there’s some great advice about how to do it in this post.

You don’t have to go all-out and have these patterns everywhere – you can have neutral white or cream bedding and décor, and just add pops of country-style fabrics by adding a throw or pillows that feature flowers, checks and tweed. More is more in cosy country bedrooms, so think duvets, patchwork quilts, throws, cushions and rugs – you don’t have to match exactly, simply find pieces with similar colours to make them work together.For country bedroom floors, bare woods with rugs look fantastic, as can carpets in neutral colours to complement the décor – cream, taupe, and a paler version of whatever is on the walls. If you’re not replacing flooring, don’t worry – most types of floors can work in a country bedroom. 

Rustic Country Bedroom Decor

Accessories for country bedrooms

The key to the country aesthetic is that it doesn’t have to be too coordinated – and that means that there is a lot of scope for accessories. Country bedrooms are all about the cosy factor, and there’s a lot of hygge to be found in a country bedroom! Your bedroom accessories don’t need to be fancy – simple, functional designs are perfect for rustic country bedrooms.

Great storage is the key to a tidy bedroom, no matter what style of décor you have. In country bedrooms with wooden furniture, rustic shelving that is finished in a shade that complements the furniture can provide that extra storage you need – just add baskets for an effective storage solution. Of course, rustic shelving doesn’t just have to be about storage, use them to display photo frames, vintage trinkets, and cottage inspired pieces. We’ve got more shelf styling ideas in this post – but there isn’t a single solution, so work with what you love, and what you think looks great. Other country bedroom storage options can include old trunks, blanket boxes, and creative use of existing furniture for bedside tables.

Bringing cut flowers into your bedroom (nobody needs to know you bought them on your weekly supermarket run!) will look like you just popped out to the garden and cut them. Rather than placing them in a vase, find a vintage jug, repurposed jar, or even an old tin or tea pot, for a whimsical look.  

Rustic Country Bedroom
Rustic Country Bedroom Accessories

If you have a fireplace or a wood burner in the bedroom, then this is an ideal feature to make the most of – and if the fireplace isn’t working, then you can fake the effect by dressing it with candles, fairy lights or logs, and dressing your mantel. If you love the look but don’t have a fireplace, then if the shape of the room allows, add an electric wood burning stove – which can add a little extra warmth on a cold winter evening.

When you’re choosing the lighting for a country bedroom, it is best to layer lights – so you have bright ambient lighting, (the main light in the room) as well as soothing and relaxing light options for bedtime. Traditional bedside lamps with shades in creams and natural colours are perfect, but there are many different shapes and sizes that provide a perfect country look – and you’ve probably got options in your home already. Finally, when it comes to your wall décor, art, prints and photos that feature countryside scenes, or wildflowers are the obvious choice, but a gallery wall with an eclectic mix of countryside themed items can work well. 

Rustic Country Bedroom Tips
Rustic Country Bedroom Design

Different country bedroom styles

If chintzy fabrics feel a bit too twee, or you’re not finding quite what you’re looking for when you’re searching for country bedroom inspiration, here are three different types of country bedroom we love.

Rustic cottage bedroom ideas

Not all country bedrooms have to be full of pretty patterns! Rustic country cottages would traditionally have been much more simple, and so if minimalist, and Scandi-style décor are up your street, then a rustic cottage bedroom is likely to appeal to you too. Be sure to choose your bed, and your bedding carefully – you want a comfortable night’s sleep, and for that you’ll need a mattress that is just right, as well as comfortable, quality bed linen, even if the bed frame looks rustic or antique in style.

The rustic cottage bedroom is perfect if you’re decorating your bedroom on a tight budget, since furniture doesn’t have to match exactly – in fact, mismatched furniture can enhance the look. Finding second-hand pieces, and pairing with soft furnishings in traditional patterns can make for a cosy country bedroom. 

Masculine country bedroom ideas

If all the florals and chintzy patterns you see in country bedroom designs are a little too twee for your taste, then why not channel a more masculine take on the country bedroom? Start with a moodier colour palette – grey, navy, brown and black are perfect – and build the look with tartan, check and tweed. Furniture in dark woods, and an iron bed, and a leather chair or chaise longue complete the look. Imagine the sort of bedroom that Mr Darcy might be at home in –bonus points if you can include furniture with Chesterfield-style padding and a taxidermy-inspired wall accent (faux, of course).

Country manor hotel bedroom ideas

When your interior décor taste is more luxury than rustic country, then channelling a luxury country hotel bedroom might be the right look for your home. Start with a four-poster bed, or a bed frame in a darker wood, a colour scheme of deeper blues and thick, rich fabrics like velvet to be paired with crisp white sheets with a ridiculously high thread count. Country manor style furniture tends to be darker woods, often in more ornate styles. Chandelier style ceiling lighting elevates the feeling of luxury, and pairs with lamps on the bedside tables and the dressing table to create a relaxing, luxury country bedroom look and feel. You can increase the luxury look and feel of the room with gold, and brass accessories.

Country ranch bedroom ideas

Who said country bedrooms have to mean the English countryside? If you’re setting up a bedroom in your loft or attic space, consider Little House on the Prairie styling. If the room already has plenty of wooden features on show, then a log cabin inspired bedroom that works with those features, as well as wooden furniture can look wonderful. Add colourful patchwork quilts to a wooden, or an iron framed bed, and keep other furniture and accessories minimal to complete the look. 

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