Our Waste

Reduce > Reuse > Restore...then Recycle!

We are constantly endeavoring to discover new ways to limit our impact on the environment. Now, everybody should be making an effort to find solutions to their growing waste habits in order to reduce plastic pollution and assist in cleaning up our rivers and beaches. Recycling should be considered the final option when it comes to waste management. Instead, we should focus on changing our mindset and encouraging everybody to prioritise the principles.....


Wood Offcuts

We generate 400kg of wooden offcuts a month. This sounds high, however when converted to a scrap wood percentage, it is only 1.2% of the total wood we use in our workshop.

Our approach to waste management involves three steps. Firstly we try to reduce our waste by exploring ways to improve our operational efficiency. Secondly we try to reuse our offcuts for our smaller products and packaging.

Finally if we cannot make use of the wooden offcuts any other way, we repurpose it into Kindling which is donated to our local pub...For some cold beer!


All of our sawdust is collected through our extraction system, resulting in the generation of approximately four 250-liter bags of sawdust per day.

Each bag is carefully packaged and distributed to our local farms. The sawdust is then utilised as bedding material for cattle and other farm animals, which proves to be highly favoured among the team, especially when living in the countryside.

You could say its like GOLD DUST!


All of our cardboard packaging is made from 75% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable and compostable once it has served its purpose. Starting from January 2023, we have made the switch from using plastic tape to exclusively using paper tape on our packaging. Although it comes at a higher cost, the paper tape utilises compostable adhesives and eliminates plastic pollution, a BIG WIN!

Additionally, we have further reduced our plastic consumption by replacing screw bags and fixing strips with cardboard alternatives that are completely PLASTIC FREE!

Our Materials

Our commitment to sourcing sustainable materials