Our Products

Sustainable products that are designed to last!

How do we develop our products?

Every new product must adhere to our 4 core environmental principles!


100% Solid Wood

All our timber comes from sustainably managed forests where 4 seedlings are planted for every tree felled. These forests only have a few trees taken from each section of land. This allows the forests native animal habitats to continue to thrive. This patch of land won't be harvested again for 30 years.

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Easy Assembly

All our wooden furniture and shelves are designed and built to be shipped in flat pack form. This not only provides a variety of sizes and colours to choose from but also allows for ultimate flexibility when it comes to moving or remodelling a space.

Every product we design and build has to be easy to assemble!

Never more than 15 minutes!


One of the big advantages of solid wooden furniture is its ability to be repaired. Unlike composite or laminate products that end up in landfills when damaged, natural living wood can often be easily repaired by sanding and applying a new coat of wax or oil. This allows your piece of furniture to live on.

Restore > Reuse...then Recycle!

It's always worth getting in touch with us to discuss how you can reuse and recycle your furniture before it reaches the recycling center.

Plastic Free

We’re mad about reducing plastic waste! When creating a new product, our top priority is ensuring it is completely free of plastic. We dedicate time and invest money into sourcing the right materials that serve as alternatives to plastic in each new product.

We are so proud that of all our packaging is now 100% PLASTIC FREE!  While this accomplishment has taken time, we are committed to further progress. We are currently collaborating closely with our suppliers to encourage them to make simple swaps and eliminate plastic from their packaging too.

Our Values

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