Why Choose Wooden Shelves ? 

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You’re here! We knew you would come...we could tell. Just like you, many arrive here with questions such as “what is the best shelving?” or “what is the best material for shelving?"

Well, we are here to help you on the quest to find the most practical yet appealing shelves for your project.  We'll explore questions such as "what are the different types of shelves?" and "what materials suit which project?" We will also give you some great examples of how you can present them.

Spoiler, we do craft hand made wooden shelves, but we will do our best not to be too biased. 😊

Why Choose Wooden Shelves ?

Why Solid Wood is a better option in the long term . . .

Wood has been used as long as time itself, as a material and style it is always in fashion and unlike metals and plastics, wood can be a renewable resource when using sustainable timber from FSC forests.

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Natural Character

It's something you cannot replicate. Rustic wooden shelving brings so much character to a room! The combination of clean bright interiors with pops of natural wood...stunning!

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Timeless Look

There is no doubt about it...quality handmade wooden products stand the test of time! Because wood is so versatile you can be sure that 10+ years down the line, they'll still look great!

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Sustainable Material

Another benefit of wooden shelving is that it's a completely sustainable product. Being a natural product, it is able to be reused and recycled. We only use 100% sustainably managed FSC wood for all our products & for every tree we use, we plant 10!


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Shelving Storage | What are you wanting to store ?

One of the most important questions is what you are planning to use the shelf for and what exactly it will be storing.

Heavier the goods, the stronger the shelf base needs to be. Popular choices for this comes in the forms of wire shelving and solid wood shelves. 

Lighter items will also work fine on a solid wooden shelf but options such as MDF or plastic may work too. But unlike mass produced MDF or wire shelving, hand crafted solid woods shelves aren’t just strong, but their look is also timeless.

This is not to say wire shelves, MDF or even plastic options don’t have their place. Items which may be damp or oily, such as parts in a home garage may be more suited to these options.

The point is, if you want quality, something that will last and look great, solid wood is the way to go.

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Examples of how to use wooden shelves in different situations

Are your shelves going to be visible or hidden?

Some shelves are designed to be hidden, and some are made to be shown off (in a subtle and classy way).

Wire shelves, plastic storage and even the mass produced MDF shelving suit a purpose, but these products typically don’t age too well, and once damaged they look tatty.

Solid wood is robust and if you do damage your wooden shelf, it's easy to repair because its a natural product. As with other shelving materials, you don't have to deal with veneers peeling off, chipped edges or blown, sagged MDF. Sometimes even if wood does become a little scuffed, it can even enhance its appearance. So to the point, if your shelves are there to be a visual piece, then materials such as wood, glass or even natural stone shelves are a better option.

Conclusion | It's always your choice

It's always a tricky one to answer such broad questions such as “what is the best shelving?” or “what is the best material for shelving?" 

I always feel you have to look at each case differently to see what style of shelving is going to work.  There are so many different factors to consider...here our 3 key things to consider when choosing the right shelving type:

  • Style of Home
  • Room Type
  • Storage - What & Where

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