7 Rustic Décor Ideas To Transform Your Living Room & Kitchen

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We often long for that feeling of bringing a homeliness into our homes, especially in our kitchens and living rooms. Which are often the heart of the home!

Often when we think of that feeling, we think of the cosy rustic cottages, large country kitchens and that relaxing sound of wood crackling in the living room.

7 Rustic Décor Ideas To Transform Your Living Room & Kitchen
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7 Rustic Décor Ideas

The great thing is, you don’t need to own a country cottage to bring rustic into your living room or kitchen. In this article we share several modern ways you can incorporate rustic décor without having to drastically change your home.

1 - Open Fireplaces

When most people say “living room” you would think “TV” but when someone says “rustic living room” of course you think “open fireplace”.

Fireplaces are the ultimate showpiece for the rustic living room! Warm, magical & full of presence.

When crowned with an Oak Mantel, they are the definition of perfect royalty, demanding attention yet inviting you into their warmth and comfort. 

rustic open fireplaces decor ideas

2 - Wooden Beams

Nothing says rustic more than a roof beautifully supported by solid wooden beams. Elegant and appealing, wooden beams can give one that feel of a country home no matter where they’re based.

Great in every type of room, rustic beams can come into their element in the kitchen & living room. Any room decor just looks rustic when matched with an old beam. They don't just look good either, they can become practical hanging aids; from kitchen utensils to the classic beer mat or dry hops in an English pub.

rustic wooden beams decor ideas

3 - Wall Panels

Wooden wall panels are a sure way to bring out that rustic vibe in any home. Unlike the art deco panels, rustic panelling doesn’t need to be so fancy. Rustic decor is normally quick, cost effective & looks bloody great! 

Also lots of different shades of wood work can still work really well together. Whether it is bespoke made, reclaimed or made pallets or planks - it can really elevate the rustic feel of your home.

rustic wall panels decor ideas

4 - Shelving

A rustic home is often filled with trinkets or classic tomes on display and for this, you need a rustic shelf to match.

From solid oak, to reclaimed shabby chic wood. All of these different types of wood work to create a rustic environment.  A simple shelf can really elevate your home’s aesthetic.

Here are some examples of how others have used the rustic shelves we make.

rustic shelves decor ideas

5 - Earthy Colours

Rustic is warm, inviting, and homely.

Simply employing the right colours can make and empty room feel Rustic. 

The ideal colours are neutral and earthy tones. Warm colours really help to soften the home. Warm whites, golds and soft browns are often a good go to...

Farrow & Ball is always a favourite!

rustic colours decor ideas

6 - Stone

We often speak much about wood when we discuss ideas for rustic décor but stone is a fantastic material for the home.

Natural and unique, stone can be used as backsplashes, tiles and even worktops.

Feature walls have become a bit of a fad & have become lost in an interior designers bible...but they are making a comeback!! A stone fireplace or wall can be a lovely feature or element to any rustic home.

using stone decor ideas

Solid Wooden Furniture

Rustic homes are practical, durable yet elegant in their design.

Coffee tables, dining tables and even chairs look so much better when crafted out of solid wood. 

Modern rustic designs add elements of industrial architecture into the look of furniture pieces, such as our hairpin furniture. But antiques and up-cycled furniture can be made to feel rustic.

solid wooden furniture decor ideas


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