The Ultimate Kitchen Table Decor Guide

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Our kitchen tables are one of the hardest working pieces of furniture we have in our homes. Not only is our kitchen table where we sit to dine together, but it often serves as a desk for children doing homework, a place to do crafts and hobbies, somewhere to meet for late-night conversations over a glass of wine, and more. 

So with your kitchen table being such a hub of activity, it is likely you want it to look great – as well as being practical. In this post, we’re taking a look at how you can spruce up your kitchen table decor throughout the year. 

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Kitchen table decor for everyday 

Before you start decorating your kitchen table, you have to start with the basics. A great table, seating, and the surroundings all have an impact on how you decorate it – so let’s take a look.

Choosing the right kitchen table 

Finding the right kitchen table can be tricky. You need to think about the right size, the material, the colour, whether you need it to be extendable or not, the surroundings, as well as how tough you need it to be.  

If you’re still searching for a great kitchen table, and you’re struggling to find the right one for you, check out our range of solid wood tables. We make each piece to order, and so we can create the perfect size and wood finish for your kitchen – whether you’re creating a cosy corner table, a booth style setup, or a traditional, longer table for a larger family kitchen. 

Choose the right seating options 

Kitchen tables need seating – you can’t enjoy your food standing! You might choose the chairs that are designed to go with your kitchen table, or completely different styles. Maybe you want chairs with different finishes, colours, or fabrics? If you’re curating a mismatched look, second hand stores have unique chairs. Looking for lightweight, simple, and rustic? Our rustic rattan chairs are gorgeous! 

Sitting round kitchen tables doesn’t have to mean chairs. If space is limited, benches are an alternative, and allow you to squeeze another few diners in. Our range of kitchen tables also has matching rustic benches with metal legs – and they’re perfect for small and large kitchens alike. If benches aren’t right, creating a booth with firm sofas is an option, or build custom benches for seating with hidden storage.  

Choose your colour scheme

Getting your colour scheme for your table is next to consider. You might choose a neutral, natural wood table, or select one that matches the colour of your kitchen. For a coordinated look without being too put together, maybe you invert your kitchen’s colour palette – so if your cabinets are dark and your flooring light, maybe you choose a dark table and light chairs. Whatever you decide, our range has eight colour options for our natural wax finishes, so your new table will complement your space perfectly.

Once you’ve decided on the colour of your table, you can decide what might look best to decorate your table. Pops of colour can be added using centrepieces, table runners, napkins, shelving displays, and artwork – although don’t go overboard. Your kitchen table should be a relaxed space, and too many matching items can feel forced and overdone.  

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Look at the table’s surroundings 

Your kitchen table isn’t a piece that should be styled in isolation from the rest of the space. Just as you would if you were hanging art, you have to look at the surroundings too. Decide whether you want to coordinate gently with the rest of your kitchen, or you want your kitchen table decorations to command attention.  

Kitchen table lighting 

Lighting fixtures can be used to create visual interest above your table, as well as allowing you to see what you’re doing clearly. Pendant lights are popular for kitchens at the moment, and there’s lots of choice, including decorative LED styles, multi-light pendants, chandeliers, and more. If you’re fitting them, they should be hung around a metre above the table so everyone can see each other when they are seated. 

Other lighting options might be appropriate too – candles and fairy lights can be used as part of centrepieces, but LED strips and wall lights can also be an option, especially if you’re creating a corner booth effect.  

Kitchen walls

Painting the walls can create different visual ‘zones’ in your kitchen. Look at using the colour of your kitchen cabinets, or contrasting with it – the options are endless! If changing the walls isn’t on your agenda, then maybe a great piece of art, or a gallery wall is. If you enjoy having TV or music while you cook, mounting a screen as part of that can be an option – and there are some great screensavers that can act as artwork too. 

Kitchen floors

Thinking about decorating your kitchen table, think about what is underneath it. You can create a warmer, cosier space to sit, and add colour, by popping a rug under your kitchen table. If you’re thinking about the potential spillages, don’t worry – just look for machine washable rugs! These have become really popular in the last few years, since they are so easy to look after. 

Another great reason to add a rug? If you’ve invested in beautiful hard wood, laminate, or stone floors, you’ll want to keep it looking great for as long as possible. A large enough rug will help to prevent chair marks, and footwear from causing damage. 

The table centrepiece

A great centrepiece is the go-to for most kitchen table decorations, and this is where the fun really begins! Items that you can use to create your kitchen table centrepiece include: 

A vase with flowers

fresh bouquets, flowers cut from your garden, silk flowers, and dried flowers are all great options for different budgets and longevity 

Lay greenery

cut from the garden along the length of the table – you can then layer additional decorative pieces

A house plant 

in a cute planter

A fruit bowl 

brimming with seasonal delights.

A curated tray 

you can add ornaments, succulents, candles, even books and more!


think about a candelabra, pairs of candlesticks, or tea lights in holders (battery powered LED ones are great where children – or those of us that are a bit clumsy – are involved!) 

Make a feature of condiment holders 

there are some incredible decorative salt and pepper shakers!

Use a tiered display tray

like you see used for afternoon tea – and style it with greenery, cups, mini items, fruits, and seasonal items.

You can use more than one of these ideas of course – and you can play with items of different height to create balance (or not!) as you wish. Our top tip here is to keep your decorations simple and easy to move – especially if you have children that spill drinks often, or you like to place serving dishes on the table. A single, easy centrepiece means you’ll be able to pick it up and clean easily, which is important where you’re eating. 

In homes where spillages are less likely, then you can add table runners to add a splash of colour. You can play with this, as table runners don’t have to sit lengthways on a table – they can lie across the width of your table, for a less traditional look that pops. 

If a table runner doesn’t work, you can use different coloured table mats and napkins for place settings. Reusable cloth napkins are easily washed, so you aren’t creating unnecessary waste – and of course, it is easier on the pocket too. 

When you’re choosing your table decorations, you may want to coordinate colour with your shelving decorations and any artwork on the wall – but just one or two pieces in the same hue will tie the look together. As we said before, avoid matching too many items if you prefer a relaxed look.  

Rustic Autumn Shelves
Autumn home table

What to use to decorate your kitchen table at different times of the year

While you can use all the ideas above for decorating your kitchen table throughout the year, different seasons call for different kitchen table decorations. Here are our suggestions. 

Decorating your kitchen table for fall 

Autumn is one of the most fun times of the year to decorate seasonally! There are deep shades of red, gold, and yellow everywhere alongside deep evergreens, and all of these make for gorgeous additions to your kitchen table. You don’t even have to spend lots of money – you can collect these out in nature. 

Of course, with Halloween and Bonfire Night occurring during autumn, this presents even more fun to be had with your fall table decorations. Even if you dislike the gaudy decorations that appear during October, smaller pumpkins, squashes, and gourds give a tasteful nod to the season, and look appropriate. Once Halloween is done, sparkles, stars, and fire-inspired decorations look appropriate on kitchen tables until you’re ready to decorate for Christmas. 

Autumn Home 2021

Decorating your kitchen table for Christmas 

Decorating your home for Christmas means extra doses of special everywhere! Your Christmas day centrepiece is likely to have a much bigger wow factor (and if you’re planning that, you can check out our ideas in this post!) but as you put your Christmas decorations up, you’re likely to change your kitchen table centrepiece too.

Seasonal greenery such as holly and fir, candles, fairy lights, tinsel, and baubles can all be incorporated into your kitchen table decorations during December – as well as the notorious Elf on the Shelf, if they are visiting your home this year.  

Rustic Autumn Shelves
Autumn home table

Decorating your kitchen table for winter  

If your household doesn’t celebrate Christmas, or you’re removing Christmas decorations in January, and you want your table decorations to feel seasonal, winter can feel tricky. The gardens have yet to awaken, although cuttings from evergreens can look and smell gorgeous. Otherwise, bunches of white roses, twigs and sticks with fairy lights, and succulents are all great options. If you prefer potted plants, then poinsettia, cyclamen, and other winter flowering houseplants are all great options.

If you enjoy the winter, make the most of white and icy blue hues to decorate your kitchen table in the winter – you may be able to make use of some of your Christmas decorations, so plan ahead before you put them away. If you’re looking to increase feelings of hygge, then candles are a must.

Decorating your kitchen table for spring 

We probably don’t have to tell you what to find to decorate your kitchen table in the spring! Daffodils start appearing from February onwards, and because they aren’t expensive (usually around £1 a bunch in the supermarkets) you don’t have to spend much to make a real impact.

Other decorations are possible without spending a lot of money – cuttings from your garden, anything inspired by the rebirth of the Earth during spring can be incorporated. Pretty blue eggs, vintage teacups in pastel colours, and even ornaments with baby animals can be added to your table decorations. 

Decorating your kitchen table for summer 

When the heat hits, you can make the most of this on your table decorations! Be inspired by tropical locations, beachy decorations, or classic summer picnics. At this time of year, your kitchen table colour palette is bright, whether you choose neon hues, or breezy pastels. There’s plenty of choice if you love fresh flowers on your kitchen table too, and if you’ve got a garden, even more so. At this time of year, fresh fruits are in abundance, and they make for a great table centrepiece – as well as providing a healthy choice for children that are perpetually hungry during their summer break. 

Feeling inspired by our kitchen table decor ideas?

When you’ve got the basics in place – a decent table, seating, lighting, and flooring – your kitchen table centrepiece is a great way to brighten up your space and lift spirits all year round. And with so many different ways to decorate your kitchen table, why not have fun with it? If you’ve created a great centrepiece on your kitchen table, don’t forget to tag us on your Instagram posts – we’re @bensimpsonfurniture

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