Our Wax Colours

We use a natural beeswax finish on all of our wooden products. With 8 colour options, choosing can be hard. This is our help guide to understanding our wax colour variations...

Natural Beeswax

The application of beeswax to our wood helps to intensify the grain pattern whilst protecting the timber with a water resistant finish. To help the wood retain its colour, we recommend applying a clear coat of wax once a year to help keep your item looking pristine.


All our wax colours have a 30 minute water resistant finish

Pine Wax Colours

Below are all 8 unique wax finishes we have available with our shelving range.

Antique Pine

Antique Pine is our lightest colour in our wax range. Characteristics include a yellow undertone highlighting that classic Natural Pine colour. Think "Ski Chalet"

Old Pine

Very similar to Antique Pine, although Old Pine has a more golden undertone & seems to highlight the knots which we love. 

Medium Brown

Medium Brown is one of our favourites! It has a lighter natural brown undertone to it, which works brilliantly in a more modern setting.

Rustic Pine

A really popular colour choice for many people. Rustic Pine seems to complement many different styles/colours of wood. Ideal choice if you have lots of wooden furniture in the house. It features a golden brown undertone & highlights the natural saw marks in the wood which really pop.

Dark Oak

Our "Bestseller" for good reason! It's a shade darker than the Rustic Pine, but has a more classic brown undertone making it a slightly darker colour. Along with bringing out the knots it also intensifies the grain pattern showing off the lovely saw marks. 

Tudor Oak

Tudor Oak is one of our darker wax finishes. It boasts deep, rich golden colourings, which when coupled with intense grain pattern make this colour a popular choice! The darker colouring works in many different settings from Modern Homes to Rustic Industrial Farmhouses.


Walnut is the darkest colour of our wax finishes. Rich, Bold, Deep & Distinctive...these are all words that we use to describe this real stand alone wax finish. Although being dark in colour the grain pattern & rustic saw marks still remain prominent giving this wax finish that rustic feel.

Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic along with Walnut is a wax finish that is quite unique. It requires two different waxes applied to the wood in order to get that famous "whitewash" feel. Expect a light brown undertone with a grey top coat. With these two colours coupled with the saw marks and grain pattern, it gives the Shabby Chic finish a rustic feel.

Customer Example Photos

These images give you an idea of what the different wax colours look like in a home environment.


Oak Wax Colours

All our Oak & Pine wax colours use the same wax however when applied to Oak the finish appears a shade darker. This is because Oak naturally has a darker grain.

Oak Colours