Best Christmas Cocktails for your Kitchen Shelves

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Christmas day is all about the dinner, but in the run up to the big day, through the in-between week where nobody is quite sure what day it is, and New Year’s Eve, having delicious drinks in to enjoy with family and friends just adds to the festive feel. With that in mind, while you’re getting your home ready for Christmas and you’re thinking about what to have on your at-home drinks shelf this season, we’ve pulled together some ideas for you to consider.

Christmas Cocktail Ideas

The Traditional Ones

There are some drinks that it just isn’t Christmas without – whether you love them, or you hate them – these are the traditional drinks that we turn to year after year.

Mulled wine is a lovely treat when you’ve been out at the Christmas markets, and it is so easy to put together! There are so many ways of making it – including with pre-mixed spices, but this recipe is on our list to try! For the non-drinkers and the drivers, try this non-alcoholic mulled wine recipe with pomegranate juice, or brew a mulled tea instead.

 It is a controversial one, because not everyone loves it, but eggnog is intrinsically Christmas for many of us. We’re contemplating Jamie Oliver’s recipe this year, but there’s an alcohol-free version of eggnog here too.

You’ve almost certainly got to have a bottle of champagne, prosecco, or cava on your drinks shelf. Whether you add fruit juice to it and turn it into Buck’s Fizz on Christmas morning, a Kir Royale, or you’re saving it for a toast during Christmas Dinner, having a few bottles of bubbly on hand is always a good idea. You can always grab a non-alcoholic bottle or two for the drivers.

Traditional Must Haves :

Spirits on Wooden Shelves
Wooden Shelves Alcohol Ideas

Warming Beverages For After Wintery Walks 

Going out for a walk in the cold is a great way to use up some of the energy from all that food, and you’ll really enjoy those hygge vibes when you walk in – especially once you’ve got a lovely hot drink in your hand!

Buying a pre-mixed syrup can really elevate your hot chocolates and coffees, but this gingerbread latte recipe takes less than five minutes and goes perfectly with all those Christmas biscuits and mince pies too. If you’ve got plenty of seasonal spice around and you don’t like coffee, then knock up a delicious chai latte instead.

Want to make your drinks ahead so it is ready when you walk in? There’s a slow cooker gingerbread latte recipe here, and one for hot chocolate – these are so easy to make, and they work well with plant-based milk alternatives too. 

Wintery Cocktails
Warm Christmas Cocktails Ideas

Seasonal Cocktails

Whether you’re having just the one at the start of the evening, or you’re having a final nightcap, be sure your festive cocktails are good ones. We’ve rounded up a few great recipes that we’ve saved for nearer Christmas here, but there are plenty more ideas out there if you don’t fancy our choices!


Negronis have been trending recently, and we’re not surprised – they’re delicious. This version features rum for a darker flavour to the classic gin version, but this gin-based Christmas negroni sounds incredible too. 

Espresso martinis

Espresso martini anyone? If you’re partial to a coffee-based drink, then this gingerbread and espresso martini cocktail is likely to be right up your street, and there are just three ingredients. Consider making it with decaf if you don’t want to be kept awake by the caffeine all night!

Peppermint Drinks

Peppermint candy canes are inherently Christmas, and we love the idea of a peppermint martini too – crush up some candy canes to sugar the rim of your martini glass if you’re feeling fancy.

Winter Pimm's

Not just for the summer, this Winter Pimm’s with orange or apple juice is a delightful option, but this spicy winter Pimm’s punch with brandy kicks it up a notch – and makes a great alternative to mulled wine. 

Spirit Must Haves :

Gin on Wooden Shelves
Kitchen Shelves for Gin and Glasses

Non-Alcoholic Options

Drinking and driving has never been acceptable, and today there is absolutely no reason that drivers (or just non-drinkers, of course) should have to stick to lemonade or water! There’s never been more alcohol-free wines, beers, and even zero-alcohol spirits in the shops to choose from, but there’s something lovely about having a mocktail mixed for us too. We’ve included non-alcoholic versions where we’ve found them above, but here are a few more ideas…

It isn’t quite an espresso martini, but this nutmeg and orange Christmas coffee makes a great alternative to an Irish coffee – and could become a Christmas morning favourite if too, if you’re not partial to drinking in the morning.

Those who are partial to a Baileys will almost certainly appreciate the creaminess of this non-alcoholic Irish cream liqueur – and we think this one could be made ahead earlier in the day too.

Something minty and refreshing, perhaps? This virgin mojito is a delicious recipe, and one we’ll be coming back to in the summer for those nights that we’re not drinking.

Hot Chocolate
Non alcoholic Christmas Cocktails

Drinks For Kids

Whether the children want to have ‘grown up’ drinks, or they would prefer a sugary, fizzy drink that you would prefer they didn’t – having something special for Christmas means that they’ll feel just as special as you do holding a glass of your favourite wine.

When you’ve got loads of kids that want something yummy but that isn’t hot chocolate, a snowman smoothie might be the way forward – and you’ll be sneaking fruit into them too!

Do your kids love a slushie in the summer? Make them a festive version using fruit juices – there’s a recipe here to get you started, but essentially you simply need cranberry, or red grape juice as a base, and blend with ice and lemonade, as well as whichever other juices you have to hand.

Of course, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from mixing them any of the non-alcoholic recipes we’ve included here as a treat – they’ll feel really special and grown up.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve yet to get your drinks shelf ready, there’s still just enough time to order a bracket shelf, or a floating shelf – or more than one, depending on how many Christmas drinks you’re planning to stock up on! – from our shop. When you’ve styled your shelves for Christmas with your drinks, cocktail glasses, and accessories, don’t forget to share your #shelfie with us on Instagram – we love it when you tag us!
Finally, the team at Ben Simpson Furniture wish you a very merry, and safe Christmas, and a happy and prosperous New Year. 

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