Our Fixings

Here is a detailed look into our Shelf Brackets & Hairpin Legs

What's Included?

When you buy any of our handmade products, your parcel will include all of the necessary fixings to safely install the shelving or furniture. If fixing to plasterboard, you will need to purchase the correct wall plugs. We're unable to advise on the plasterboard fixings as every wall varies. We suggest speaking to a member of staff at your local DIY branch.

Our shelving includes | Shelf Brackets, solid wall Wall Plugs, Two sizes of Screws, Pilot Hole Drill Bit & Fitting instructions.

Our furniture includes | Hairpin Legs, Fixings Strips, Screws, Pilot Hole Drill Bit & Fitting instructions.


Metal Brackets

All our metalwork is handcrafted by our skilled steel fabricator, located in West Sussex.

Every bracket is deburred so that no sharp edges are present. The bracket holes are 6mm Diameter

Our External brackets can be used on solid & plasterboard walls, however we only supply solid wall plugs.

Cleaned & Prepared

Before every order is sent out, we clean every bracket with a Lithium Grease. This cleans off any dirt that may be on the raw steel & provides a rust resistant finish.

Pilot Drill Bit

We include a 3mm drill bit to help with the accuracy and ease of installation. By drilling a pilot hole, this allows the screw to easily bite into the wood.

Fixings Screws

Black carbon steel screws are supplied with every order. You will find two sizes of screws in your fixing box (25mm & 50mm length). The longer screws are used for fixing the bracket to the wall & the smaller screws are for attaching the bracket to the underneath of the shelf.


Floating Brackets

Each shelf is supplied with two concealed fixing rods & 10mm solid wall plugs. Shelf lengths above 120cm will be supplied with 3 fixing rods.

Our Floating shelves have a maximum weight capacity of 35kg. 

These concealed brackets can only be installed on solid walls, they are not suitable for plasterboard.

Predrilled Holes

Every floating has predrilled holes in the back of the shelf (13mm Diameter). Before leaving our workshop every shelf is drilled by hand & checked, allowing us to make sure the floating rods are a secure snug fit. 

The Concealed fixings are 12mm Diameter & 120mm Length. The screw section for the wall is 65mm Length.

Concealed Fixings

Our Floating rods are designed with an offset CAM, giving you 10mm of adjustment on the concealed rods.

This allows you to get the shelf absolutely plum during installation. To adjust the floating rod, use a 10mm spanner to spin the rod.

Raw Steel

Hairpin Legs

Our hairpin rod thickness is 10mm & we have three different lengths of hairpin leg.

All our Hairpin Legs are hand crafted in the UK.

Hairpin Legs

Our Hairpin Legs have been cleaned & prepped with a Lithium Grease. This cleans the hairpins and provides a rust resistant finish.

3mm Drill Bit is also supplied to help with installation of the furniture.

Fixing Strips

All our furniture is supplied in flatpack form. We use steel fixing strips to attach the wooden planks together.

These fixing strips easily attach to the underside of the table using the black wood screws supplied.

Metal Screws

We supply these Black Carbon Steel wood screws with all our orders. These twin-threaded PZ2 wood screw are perfect to complement our rustic metalwork. 

Each hairpin leg needs 3 screws to install, however we supply extra screws for your peace of mind.

Solid Wooden

Oak Mantels

Every Oak Mantel comes with predrilled holes with keyhole brackets attached in the back of the shelf.

These keyhole brackets can only be installed on solid walls, they are not suitable for plasterboard.

Keyhole Fixings

Every Mantel comes with pre-attached stainless steel keyhole fixings. Before leaving our workshop every Mantel is checked, allowing us to make sure the fixings are secure & ready for installation.

Fixing Screw

Two screws ( 75mm length) along with two solid wall plugs are supplied with every Oak Mantel for installation.