Natural Firewood & Firelighters

Want a greener & more sustainable way to start your fires at home? Check out our Natural Firelighters & Offcut Kindling! Not only are they super easy to light, but they are 100% natural and handmade in the UK!




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    About Our Natural Firewood & Firelighters

    Get your fire started with our natural firewood, firelighters and kindling. Perfect for those cosy winter evenings, all our firewood is 100% natural and handmade in the UK!

    We spend time trying to find suppliers that firstly produce an excellent product, and secondly are aligned with our company core values. With every product we put our name to, three criterias always have to be met!

    ▪ Is it Sustainable?

    ▪ Is it High Quality?

    ▪ Is it something I want in my own home?

    We spend time developing our wooden products and packaging. Every product created always has to tick 3 boxes: Quality | Functionality | Sustainability ...And yes it goes without saying all our furniture has to look amazing too! This has become the foundation of Ben Simpson Furniture. You can be sure that every product you receive has been designed and built with these elements in mind!