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Dawn Matthews  |  Feb 20, 2024

Spring Spruce Up For Your Home

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As the days get longer and the weather becomes brighter, the desire to brighten up our homes for spring arrives too. You might want to change out furniture, or switch accessories in order to hit the spring décor trends – while keeping your home as sustainable as possible, of course – but spring cleaning will also help your home feel ready for the warmer months. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to refresh your home for the spring.


Home Décor Trends for Spring

As humans, we want and need to feel comfortable in our homes more than anything else, which means picking furniture and décor that you really love. But if you like to be on trend in your home too, then you’re in luck, because there are some gorgeous interior design trends emerging this year that aren’t hard to achieve – with some that might even make use of things you’ve probably already got at home.

Interior design trends in 2024 include: :

🌟  Earthy tones: The connection with Mother Earth is strong in the trends this year, so if you’re considering redecorating, think warm terracotta, ocean blues, and deep forest greens.

🌟  70s style and chintz: We’re moving away from minimalism – maximalism has gained popularity, and there’s so much to explore. You don’t have to invest loads to hit this trend though, simply search for soft furnishings like cushions, curtains, and duvet covers. You might even find the exact thing you’re looking for in the back of your airing cupboard! If you’re thinking of a bigger project, then chintzy wallpaper can hit this trend hard.

🌟  Curved furniture: This trend emerged last year, and it hits the cosy vibe perfectly. If you like a DIY project, then this one is perfect for finding a second hand piece and refinishing it to suit your home.

🌟  Sustainable living: Finding furniture that is stylish and built to last is absolutely on trend – and we don’t believe this trend will ever go away. If you’re buying or replacing pieces in your home, be certain to look for items you really, truly love, since you won’t want to replace it any time soon.

🌟  Touchable textures: This trend hits that lovely comfy, cosy, hygge style. Find fabrics that make you want to touch them for soft furnishings, and choose accessories such as baskets to keep you bang on trend.

🌟  Natural materials: With natural colours, sustainability and textures being so popular, it makes sense that natural materials are going to be on trend too. Look for fabrics like linen and cotton, and when you’re buying furniture, look for sustainable wood styles. They’re made to last, and so they’re better for the planet too.

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Getting Spring-Ready

With those trends in mind, there are certain areas of the home you might want to tackle first, as well as your spring cleaning jobs. Here are some of the jobs we’re planning to do soon:

🏡  Prepare Outdoor and Garden Furniture
It goes without saying that we want to be ready to make the most of those first glorious days of warmer weather. So when you’re tackling your spring home refresh, be sure to prepare your garden furniture. Retrieve your outdoor table and seating from storage, and give it a good clean down with hot soapy water – even if you put it away clean, there’s bound to be cobwebs and grime to get rid of. Then, consider whether you need to treat it with a wood treatment, and treat any areas of rust or any other damage, so that you can keep it looking great for longer. If you decide to leave your furniture out, be aware of any potential spring storms and final frosts, and make sure you pop it away if need be.

If you’re ready to replace your garden furniture, then look for industrial style, wooden furniture that will last you for years. Our range of garden furniture sets look fantastic, and if you use our outdoor care pack regularly, you’ll be able to keep it that way.

🏡  Refresh The Home Office
You might have been cocooning yourself with heaters and blankets while you’ve been working in your home office through the winter, but now is the best time to reassess your workspace. Is it time for a new desk, or perhaps to replace your chair? Choose great, dedicated furniture for working on rather than having a makeshift setup at the kitchen table. Your back will thank you for it, and your productivity will almost certainly benefit from it too. Add some gorgeous accessories such as rattan baskets for paperwork and office supplies, a couple of shelves, and your favourite artwork or photos, and your home office will be done.


🏡  Switch Out Soft Furnishings
This is by far the simplest way to refresh your home. Start by swapping your winter bedding out for lighter cotton sheets – although be sure to keep a few blankets handy, just in case of a cooler night or two. In main living areas, pop the wool blankets away, and change them to lighter throws, and switch items like cushion covers to brighter colours. Lamp shades can be a quick, inexpensive switch that make a huge difference to the way a space feels too.

🏡  Consider Adding Rustic Wooden Fireplace Mantels
When you’ve used your fireplace for most of the winter and you’re doing a big clean, you might be looking to brighten up the area for spring. We’ve talked about fireplace mantels and how to style them before, and while your fireplace won’t be getting as much use through the spring and summer, now is a great time to replace your old mantel with a rustic wooden mantel. It may not take as much effort as you’d think, and it can make a huge visual impact. Rustic mantels create a really cosy, comfortable feel in a room, and because they’re made from natural wood, they will never go out of fashion. If you’ve already got natural wood in the room where your fireplace is, then look to match that. Our team make our rustic mantels by hand for each order, and so we can create the perfect size for you, as well as using the wood finish that suits the space.

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A Sustainable Spring Clean

When you’re refreshing your home for spring, don’t forget to choose sustainable cleaning products. Using natural products in your cleaning routine makes for a healthier, more sustainable home environment, and can be safer for families, pets, and the planet. If you’re considering going all-natural with your cleaning products, these are the best known ways:

White vinegar and baking soda are your go-to ingredients for most cleaning tasks, and are a powerful, natural – not to mention inexpensive – way to clean your home. Lemon juice and essential oils can add a fresh scent and antibacterial properties to your cleaning mix, if you’re not keen on the smell of white vinegar. You’ll also need the basics; cloths, sponges, a sweeping brush, and recycled spray bottles.

There are plenty of DIY multipurpose cleaner recipes available that you can use, but these are two of the most commonly recommended, and that work well:

🍋  Mix white vinegar with orange or lemon peels or essential oils for a pleasant-smelling, antibacterial spray. Don’t use this on granite surfaces; use a mix of rubbing alcohol and water instead. If in doubt, test on a small inconspicuous area first.

🍋  A blend of water, baking soda, and a dash of washing-up liquid (plus essential oils if you like) can clean most surfaces.


Spring refresh tasks that are worth doing and don’t take very long include:

🌿  Descale your kettle with vinegar and water overnight.
🌿  Clean your fridge with hot soapy water; deodorise with baking soda.
🌿  Steam clean the microwave with water and lemon, and clean the oven with a vinegar, lemon juice, and washing-up liquid mix.
🌿  Use baking soda and vinegar in the bathroom for a deep clean without harsh chemicals.
🌿  Vacuum and sprinkle baking soda on mattresses for freshness; wash pillows as needed.

Outdoors, clean windows with a vinegar and water solution for sparkling results, and use hot soapy water or a vinegar solution to remove grime and dirt from paving and patio furniture.

While these are great options, if you’ve invested in some lovely furniture for inside or outdoors, don’t neglect it. Make sure you treat it with a really good wood finish, whether that’s an oil or a wax to keep it looking fantastic for longer.

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Our Final Thoughts

We can’t wait for spring and all it brings into our lives – and getting our homes ready is one way we can look forward to those brighter days. Getting outdoors is a priority of course, but during those April showers and windy days, refreshing our homes can keep us feeling good about emerging from our winter hibernation. When you’ve tackled your spring spruce up – and especially if you’ve added a piece of rustic furniture from us – then be certain to tag us in your Instagram posts @bensimpsonfurniture.

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