Wooden Garden Furniture Sets

Get the family together an enjoy those British summer evenings we all crave! With a choice of 4 distinct styles and 5 oil colours, our garden furniture sets offer versatility to match your unique tastes. Built with style and sustainability at its core, our wooden garden furniture sets are all about making your outdoor dining experience exceptional.

Save £100 when you grab our standard-sized furniture sets.




Garden Furniture Sets

    About our Wooden Garden Furniture Sets

    Our handmade wooden garden furniture sets are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally conscious. By fusing industrial box frames and powder-coated steel with rustic wood, we've crafted timeless garden furniture that's not only practical but also easy to set up. 

    Available in various sizes and wood finishes, giving you the freedom to curate the perfect setting for those special moments with loved ones. Assembly is a breeze, taking just around 15 minutes, thanks to our smart flat-pack design. Our furniture is just as easy to disassemble, providing you with all the flexibility you need. Plus, our furniture sets are thoughtfully designed with a pre-set table width of 80cm, and the benches are always constructed 20cm shorter than the table, ensuring everything is perfectly in place for you.</p>

    <p>At Ben Simpson Furniture, we invest time in developing our wooden products and packaging. Every piece we create must meet three essential criteria: Quality, Functionality, and Sustainability. This commitment forms the foundation of our brand, guaranteeing that every product you receive has been thoughtfully designed and constructed with these elements in mind. Elevate your outdoor dining space and create beautiful memories with our wooden garden furniture sets.