Christmas Fireplace Decor Ideas 

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We last spoke about fireplaces in our post about fireplace mantels, and since then we’ve been thinking – mantels and fireplaces are such a focal point in the room, that choosing decorations and accessories is an essential part of completing the look.

We did a quick round up of ways to decorate your fireplace in the previous post too, but there is so much more to decorating fireplaces, especially during the winter months with Christmas festivities creeping up! One of the best parts about the festive season is the decorating, to help guide you, we’ve compiled ways to accentuate your fireplace for Christmas below.

Chritmas Decor for Fireplace Mantels

Fireplace Decor Ideas for Christmas

After the tree, the fireplace is the focus in your living room for festive decorations – so much so, one of the best loved Christmas songs references chestnuts roasting on an open fire! For many of us, decorating your fireplace for Christmas is part of the ritual – we pull out the box of decorations from storage, and get busy with whatever is left when we’ve decorated our tree. But there are other ways that you can decorate your fireplace at Christmas – here are some of our favourite Christmas fireplace decor ideas.

Hang Stockings

Is it even Christmas without stockings hanging from the mantel? Even though Santa tends to be more generous these days than just a small stocking, leaving bigger gifts under the tree, having them hanging and full of tiny presents for Christmas morning is a tradition that can’t be abandoned. Find stockings to match your colour scheme, or personalise them with names stitched in.


Garlands are a great way to decorate your fireplace. Whether you decide to hang them from underneath the mantel, or you simply arrange them along the top and in front of the hearth, garlands are a luxury festive look. They can be as simple as festive greenery tied together, or decorated with the type of accessories you might add to the tree – ribbons and bows, pine cones, tinsel, and berries.

Mini Christmas Tree

If the room you’re decorating is small, or if the actual Christmas tree is situated further away, why not place a miniature Christmas tree inside your fireplace? You can decorate it as you would with a full size tree (albeit with smaller baubles!) and your fireplace will look festive – once the fairy lights are on, you won’t even notice there isn’t a fire. 

Christmas Tree Fireplace Ideas
Tree with festive lights


Not just for doors, wreaths can be used in all kinds of ways throughout the festive period – including on, or in your fireplace. If you normally have a mirror or artwork on the chimney breast, temporarily replace it with a festive wreath, pop one in the hearth with a candle at the centre, or place a small wreath (or two) on your mantelpiece.


Candles are an intrinsic part of Christmas décor – and so it stands to reason that you’d want to use them when decorating your fireplace! As we’ve already mentioned, placing an abundance of candles in the fireplace is a great way to create a warm glow, but candles can be used along the mantel, and on the fireplace surround to great effect too. Just remember to use LED candles if children or pets are around – and especially if you and yours are having more than a few glasses of mulled wine.  

Home Made Ornaments

There are so many lovely handmade Christmas ornaments that we love to see each year – and we’re sure you do too. Bringing out the decorations that your grown-up children made when they were five prompts equal parts love and embarrassment, while young family members will love adding their contributions. Children come home from school with Christingles and all kinds of festive DIY that, combined with other decorations can look wonderful – and of course, if you’re spending time making items like gingerbread houses, they look great in the mix too.

Final Thoughts on Christmas Fireplace Decor Ideas

A fireplace in a room is an opportunity for decoration – no matter what the time of the year, and whether you use the fire or not. Whether you love the look of your fireplace and the surround as it currently is, or you plan to decorate it for the upcoming seasons, your fireplace can reflect your taste in interior design, and offers a place for you to show off your art, trinkets, plants, candles and more. If you replicate any of these Christmas fireplace decor ideas, share it on social media and tag us and share it with us over on Instagram so we can give it some love – we’re @bensimpsonfurniture.

If you’re considering a new mantel, our rustic oak mantels are simple in design and show off the beauty of the grain in the wood – and of course, you can choose the finish to match the furniture in the room perfectly.

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