Autumn Home Décor Essentials

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Embracing your home for Autumn - As temperatures start to cool and as nights draw in it is natural to spend more time in the warmth of your home.This shift of the season is a great time to make small changes to embrace the comfort factor of your home. There are a few types of décor that really are made for Autumn, this includes country rustic, the arts and crafts movement and Scandi-décor.

Autumn Home Décor Essentials
Autumn Home Décor Ideas

Natural Wood

Autumn is a beautiful season which feels like a closing of one era and the beginning of another. It is the time of harvest, the time of good cooked meals and the time we embrace the warmth of the home.Being such a natural season, pieces made from natural wood really work well for an autumn décor. Wood gives a rustic charm and feeling of a tradition which sits deep somewhere in us all. Let’s face it, there is nothing better than coming in from an autumn night to walk into home with a large wooden table full our favourite soups, stews and nibbles.

Embracing Scandi-décor

When it comes to embracing a cosy home, there is no one better than the Scandinavians who really embrace the colder months. The use of simple wooden furniture and soft textures are greatly complimented with rugs, throws and runners made with natural fibres.

Wall Décor & Shelving

Autumn is often a time to reflect and embrace where we are in life, often this is done from the comfort of our home.Embracing our walls with great decors such as prints or wreaths is a wonderful way to embrace the character of Autumn. Great rustic look shelving is another option to present accessories and great tomes around the home.

Embrace it with candlelight

There is something strangely familiar when it comes to the darkness of an autumn night and the light of fire. Introducing candlelight to your room brings a warm and an intimate atmosphere within your home.

Autumn Home Décor Hairpin Table
Autumn Home Décor

Autumn flowers for the home

Autumn is the season of harvest and one we relate closely with nature. During this season we can use the power of nature to brighten the home by introducing plants and flowers. Plants such as Orchids, Bromeliads and Amaryllis will bring a colour into the home, whereas a Satin pothos (also known as a silver vine) can make a lovely addition from a wooden shelf, giving an embracing feel of nature within the walls of your home. If maintaining flora is not your thing, then introducing fabrics with rich coloured flowers is another way of bringing nature and colour in this Autumn.

Autumn fireplace

Nothing says autumn more than the orange hues of an open fire, surrounding the room the warmth and the crackles of wood burning fireplace. The mantel piece should be solid, made from a natural wood or stone in which you can display your autumn inspired accessories.

The Autumn kitchen

As the seasons change so does our diet and to reflect that the kitchen is truly the heart of autumn. Embracing autumn vegetables from hardy root veg to squashes, pumpkins and courgettes is a way of not just having great ingredients to hand but they make a wonderful focal point for your kitchen. Solid storage such as floating or bracket shelves can display your more commonly used ingredients, from canisters of flour, spices and grains to chutneys and pickles you may be introducing more to your cuisine.

Autumn Home Kitchen Ideas

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