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From open kitchen shelves to cozy bathroom storage, and even creative wall art or a cute coffee bar. The options are endless with our handmade, ethical and sustainable shelves.




Kitchen floating shelves
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    About our Floating Shelves

    Rustic Floating Shelves have become a buzzword during the last 10 years, with lots of homes taking advantage of their flexibility to create unique features in a variety of rooms. From open kitchen shelves, book shelves and bathroom shelving to creative wall art and breakfast coffee bars. The possibilities to use our handmade floating shelves in your home are endless.

    Adding floating shelves can help transform room styles throughout the home, from rustic modern to contemporary decor. Using 100% sustainable solid wood, restoring classic rustic features and a simple installation, our shelving can be installed by any DIYer out there! As time and seasons pass, like a fine wine our wooden products get better with age! 

    We spend time developing our wooden products and packaging. Every product created always has to tick 3 boxes: Quality | Functionality | Sustainability ...And yes it goes without saying all our furniture has to look amazing too! This has become the foundation of Ben Simpson Furniture! You can be sure that every product you receive has been designed and built with these elements in mind!