Wooden Shelves

Our carefully handmade, ethical, and sustainable shelves transform spaces in the home, making them feel bigger and brighter. Our rustic wooden shelves are cost-effective, built to last a lifetime, and made with sustainable materials.




Wooden Kitchen Shelves
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    About Our Wooden Shelves

    Our rustic wooden shelves are a hit for good reason. Every single shelf is handmade in West Sussex, UK with 100% sustainable wood. BY swapping your standard MDF cupboards for our metal bracket or floating shelves, it instantly helps to create a brighter, more spacious space with unique storage options.

    All our shelving is crafted here in West Sussex, UK using eco-friendly materials and 100% sustainable wood, so you can enjoy your shelving knowing that it is both stylish and planet-friendly, ensuring you're making a positive impact.

    For every tree that we use - We plant 10 more!

    We take pride in our wooden products and packaging, ensuring they meet three essential criteria: quality, functionality, and sustainability. And of course, they look amazing too! At Ben Simpson Furniture, every product is designed and built with these principles in mind. Whether you need kitchen shelving, living room shelves, or wall decor ideas, our versatile range of shelving has got you covered.