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Our carefully handmade, ethical, and sustainable shelves transform kitchens, making them feel bigger and brighter. Swap your cupboards for our wooden shelving to create a spacious vibe and discover new storage solutions.




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    About Our Kitchen Shelving

    Our rustic wooden shelves are a fan favourite for good reason. Not only is every product handmade, we also use 100% sustainable wood and always provide FAST, FREE Delivery! By replacing standard MDF cupboards with metal bracket or floating shelves, kitchen spaces start to feel bigger and brighter. Our shelves really open up a room creating a spacious and airy vibe. And guess what? They give you unique new storage options too.

    We don't mess around when it comes to our wooden products and packaging. Every product created always has to tick 3 boxes: Quality | Functionality | Sustainability. And yes it goes without saying all our furniture has to look amazing too! This has become the foundation of Ben Simpson Furniture! You can be sure that every product you receive has been designed and built with these elements in mind!

    Whether you're looking for kitchen shelving, living room shelves, wall decor ideas or just more storage. Our range of shelving will have you covered.