Wooden Fireplace Mantels

Pop a mantel on it! Your log burners and fireplaces all crave and deserve one! We're passionate about creating sustainable and stylish solutions for your home, and our Wooden Fireplace Mantels are the perfect finishing touch to prepare your living room for those cosy winter evenings.




Solid wooden fireplace mantel
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    About our Wooden Fireplace Mantels

    Add a spark of rustic design to your living room fireplace with the addition of our handmade rustic Mantelpiece. The solid chunky timber will create a warm, cozy and relaxing ambience in winter. Not only do they complete a fireplace, but they provide great styling opportunities to a room. Introducing fresh flowers, creating the mood with candles or hanging your Christmas stockings, there is always something to go on a mantel.

    Each mantelpiece has keyhole brackets pre-attached to make for easy installation, while also providing a secure wall fixing (making sure those Christmas stockings never fall down)!

    At Ben Simpson Furniture, we invest significant time in developing our wooden products and their packaging. Every item we craft must satisfy three fundamental benchmarks: Quality, Functionality, and Sustainability. This dedication is the bedrock of our brand, ensuring that each product you receive has been meticulously conceived and constructed with these principles at the forefront. Enhance your living room with our meticulously crafted rustic Fireplace Mantels and welcome the warm, elegant atmosphere they impart to your home.