About Our Timber

Where we source it | How we use it

Our Promise

All our products are Handmade in our workshop in West Sussex, England. We only use wood from 100% sustainably managed forests. Giving you the confidence you are buying a completely sustainable wooden product.

We hand pick every length of timber, this helps us to preserve as many rustic characteristics as possible. Including unique grain patterns, saw marks, splits & sanded edges which has become our trademark style.

FSC Sustainable Pine Wood Ben Simpson Furniture

Shelves & Furniture

All our wood is responsibly sourced, certified, sustainable Northern Scandinavian Pine. We only use the highest grade joinery pine.

Scandinavian sawn softwood offers extremely advantageous strength qualities in relation to weight, making it well-suited for Shelving & Furniture. All our wood is Kiln Dried  with a Moisture content below 10% this gives us the confidence that the timber will acclimatise to its new surroundings without warping or bowing.


How we source our wood?

All our timber comes from sustainably managed forests in areas where Four trees are planted for every One felled.

Forests that are used for wood harvesting only have a few trees taken from each section. This allows the forests native Animal Habitats to continue to thrive. This patch of land won't be harvested again for 30 years.

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Natural Wax Finish

We use a natural beeswax finish on all of our wooden products. The application of wax intensifies the grain pattern whilst protecting the timber with a water resistant finish. We have a wide range of 7 wax finishes to choose from. We recommend applying a clear coat of wax once a year to keep your item looking mint!