Our Timber

Where we source it & How we use it

All of our products are carefully handcrafted in our workshop located in West Sussex, England. We take pride in our commitment to sustainability by using wood sourced exclusively from 100% sustainably managed forests.

We personally select each length of timber to ensure that we preserve and highlight the unique rustic characteristics. From the captivating grain patterns to the charming saw marks, splits, and waney edges, these features have become a distinctive part of our signature style.

By choosing our handcrafted products, not only do you bring exceptional craftsmanship into your home, but you also contribute to a greener future. Join us in embracing the beauty of sustainability without compromising on quality.

Rustic wooden pine

Shelves & Furniture

We take pride in responsibly sourcing all our wood. We specifically choose certified, sustainable Northern Scandinavian Pine for its exceptional quality. We use the highest grade joinery pine available, ensuring that our shelving and furniture meet the highest standards.

Scandinavian sawn softwood possesses remarkable strength-to-weight properties, making it an ideal choice for creating durable and strong furniture. Furthermore, we kiln dry all our wood, reducing its moisture content to below 10%. This careful process gives us the assurance that the timber will adapt to its new home without warping or bowing, providing long-lasting stability.

We Plant Trees

We have a heartfelt commitment to our planet and believe in giving back. That's why we're beyond excited to announce our partnership with One Tree Planted! 🤝

We know the significance of planting trees, which is why we proudly present our very own Planting Promise. For every tree we use, we will plant ten more! 🌳

Join us in this environmental journey as we work hand in hand to replenish and preserve our precious forests. Together, we can make a tangible difference and create a greener, healthier future. 🌿🌎

One Tree Planted


How we source our wood?

All our timber comes from sustainably managed forests in areas where Four trees are planted for every One felled.

Forests that are used for wood harvesting only have a few trees taken from each section. This allows the forests native Animal Habitats to continue to thrive. This patch of land won't be harvested again for 30 years.

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Natural Wax Finish

We enhance the beauty of our wooden products with a natural wax finish. This not only intensifies the grain pattern but also provides a water-resistant protective coating. With our selection of 8 different wax finishes, you can choose the perfect one for your home. To maintain its pristine appearance, we recommend applying a clear coat of wax annually.

Rustic wooden plank - wax colours and brush
Pine saplings - new planting scheme

Our Partnerships

Learn more about our tree planting promise with One Tree Planted!