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Interior design, and decorating your home can be a real challenge – and even if you’re simply a bit bored of your kitchen, we all need inspiration from time to time. So whether you’re thinking about a complete kitchen refurbishment, or you’re simply looking for ways to make your kitchen that bit better, influencers can provide the flash of inspiration that you need. 

The role of influencer in the current incarnation – online across blogs and social media emerged since around 2009, but this type of advertising can be traced back as far as ancient Rome, when gladiators were asked to endorse items and services. Where kitchen design influencers are concerned, they tend to be one of two types. The first is a more general, interior design influencers, sometimes with a blend fashion and lifestyle too – and so you’re likely to get more than just inspiration for your kitchen on these Instagram accounts. The second type of kitchen influencer is the food blogger type, that shares recipes and cooking techniques on their social media and blogs.  

While you can simply head for Instagram or TikTok to find great kitchen influencers, it is well worth seeking out the blog pages of these influencers, since you’ll get longer-form content and far more details on those posts, and very often you’ll find links to their other work in the link tree. This means that you can support them by buying their books, follow them wherever else they post, and shopping their online stores. First up – let’s take a look at some of the best kitchen design influencers. We’ve picked influencers across a range of décor styles, so you can curate your Instagram feed as you prefer. 

Allan Torp @bungalow5dk

If Scandinavian interior design style is your thing, then you absolutely need Allan Torp from Bungalow5 in your life. The Denmark based writer and advocate of Scandi style showcases some of the most glorious interior designs, and his Instagram feed is full of bright, airy spaces, with plenty of clean lines and beautiful detailing. There’s an emphasis on kitchens, and of course, hygge, with stunning solid wood flooring, beautiful lighting and some travel snaps as well – it really is a beautiful account to follow. 

Kate Watson-Smyth @mad_about_the_house

When an influencer reaches the attention of Vogue magazine, you know they are doing something right, and it isn’t just Vogue that love her! Kate is also a columnist for Red magazine, has her own blog, interior design course, and a book – as well as a curated shopping platform that takes you straight to the product listing. The posts from this account feature gorgeous detailing, and although the rooms are clearly well put together and thought out, they also feel like they could be replicated in your home. A perfect account to add to your Instagram feed. 

Heidi Caillier @heidicaillierdesign

Heidi Caillier is a US based interior designer who creates stunning traditional, classic American homes that features a mix of old and new items. Vintage furniture, raw and natural materials all mix with colour and pattern to create liveable spaces. In Heidi’s style, kitchen interiors are also classic, yet very different from project to project. You’ll find pale duck egg blues, paired with dark wood tables and chairs for contrast, as well as dark and moody navy blue cabinets and natural, walnut tables and chairs. 

Interior Style Hunter @interiorstylehunter

Grant Pierrus, the host of London based blog Interior Style Hunter a graduate of Central Saint Martins and KLC School of Design, and on his blog shares incredible advice if you’re just starting out decorating your home, including how to create a moodboard, and how to create a space plan. The Instagram account features gorgeous spaces, with plenty of sleek lines, and details such as solid wood flooring, perfectly styled shelving, and swoon-worthy kitchen décor, such as this stunning solid wood countertop that is beautifully showcased next to the sleek white of the rest of the space. 

Claire @ck_homestyle

Claire has over 81,000 followers on her Instagram, and you only have to look at the images from her home to see why. The family moved their kitchen from one room to another entirely in their home to make more space without needing to extend – which is a big project, but one that can be well worth doing. Their lovely kitchen features gorgeous dark teal cabinets and perfect wooden shelving, a fabulous dining table and benches, as well as gorgeous picture windows and doors onto their decking. If you’re in need of small space storage ideas for your kitchen, check out the beautifully curated pantry cupboard, posted back in February. 

Jean Stoffer @jeanstofferdesign

US based, kitchen centric interior designer Jean Stoffer is known for beautifully designed, timeless kitchen designs as well as offering a full home interior design service. As you’d expect, their Instagram account is absolutely full of kitchens and detailing that you’re going to want to save on your mood board if you’re considering a kitchen makeover project. In addition to the stunning kitchens on their Instagram feed, there’s also a store that can deliver certain items to the UK. 

Geraldine Tan @littlebigbell

In her bright and colourful home, Geraldine Tan has curated what could be a perfect Instagram feed. If pattern play, with a mix of pastels and beautiful, bright accessories are your thing, then hit follow immediately. This style isn’t for the faint of heart, but is definitely very achievable – you could easily create similar looks with high street and second-hand finds, so it is perfect if you’re decorating your starter home. Geraldine’s kitchen is a gorgeous pastel blue, but she also works with kitchen designers, with recent projects showcasing how to create different looks in a plain white kitchen just using accessories. On her blog, you’ll find a whole section dedicated to kitchens, as well as the rest of the home.  

Abby Organizes @abbeyorganizes

If your budget is on the small side, and your kitchen is too, then the Abby Organizes blog makes for an excellent read. Based in Pittsburgh USA, her current family home is a cookie cutter build, but very, very organised – including her kitchen! There is some incredible shelf styling to be found throughout the home, as well as kitchen organisation tips aplenty, including how to organise under the kitchen sink, how to organise Tupperware and food storage, and Ikea kitchen hacks. You can also follow Abby on Instagram, but the details, and free printable pages make it worth heading to her blog too. 

In My Own Style @inmyownstyle

Diane Henkler is the mind behind In My Own Style, and she’s been blogging about homes and interiors from her own homes since 2009, first in Philadelphia, and most recently, South Carolina. This blog is for you if you love a DIY, or upcycle project – or perhaps you’re planning a kitchen makeover on a tiny budget. In the kitchen makeovers section, you’ll find articles that are helpful for those second hand finds, such as how to paint metal furniture and fixtures, how to make a floor to ceiling plate rack on a wall, and simple styling tricks for kitchen counters. The Instagram account is good, but the detail on the blog is truly where you’ll find value when you’re tackling your projects. 

Imperfect Interiors @imperfectinteriors

Imperfect Interiors is a London based interior designer offering welcoming, comfortable and stylish home interiors. With a range of projects shown on their website, their Instagram feed is also a gorgeous showcase of homes, including kitchens make from natural wood, those incorporating marble effects, different colours, and Scandi styling, as well as modern, and vintage elements. Director Beth Dadswell has been renovating homes for more than 20 years, and you can book a video appointment if you’re in need of guidance for your kitchen renovation project.

Food influencers 

We absolutely can’t talk about kitchen influencers without talking about food influencers and bloggers! While it isn’t always the case, food influencers and bloggers often have gorgeous kitchens behind them – and who doesn’t love some delicious cuisine to set the tastebuds going? It is hard to narrow down the best of the best, and of course, the type of food influencer you love will depend on your food preferences, dietary requirements and so on, but here are some of the food influencers that we absolutely love. 

Ciara Attwell @myfussyeater

Set up in 2014 with the idea of encouraging her ‘very fussy eating daughter’ and her son to eat better, the My Fussy Eater blog has over 500 recipes that are perfect to inspire you, whether you’re looking for ideas for lunchboxes for your children (or maybe yourself!) or some easy, delicious family dinners. You can search by type of meal, how long it takes to cook, ways to hide vegetables, and if you have particular diet requirements, by vegetarian, vegan, or allergy-friendly recipes. There are even snacks that involve reusing ‘corner’ style yoghurt pots – and when we’re all trying to make our homes more sustainable, any ideas that help us reduce, reuse, and recycle are well worth the effort. 

Dan Toombs @thecurryguy

When you don’t want to spend on a takeaway, but you have a hankering for that “ooh, let’s have Indian food tonight” feeling, head for The Curry Guy’s blog. Many of the recipes take around 30 minutes, (far less time than your local curry house might take on a busy Friday or Saturday night!) and while the focus started on curries, there are also barbecue, Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese recipes on the site. 

Jane Dunn @janespatisserie

Jane Dunn is a food writer, photographer and blogger from the South of England, and her website is full of beautifully recipes that look like they should be waiting in an actual patisserie! Whether you manage to get them to look quite the same as the photos, you’ll almost certainly end up with a delicious result. Jane’s blog is full of advice on different baking techniques, and so if you’re a beginner baker, the blog is definitely worth a read as you further your skills. On the Instagram feed, Jane has recently shared her stunning new kitchen that is based in a beautiful old barn – as showcased from the exposed brick and flint stone walls – and is perfectly styled. We’re looking forward to seeing more Instagram posts from there in the future!

Kay and Kate Allinson @pinchofnom

Started as a result of a weight loss journey, the team at Pinch of Nom shares a huge number of recipes, sweet treats, and ‘fakeaways’ (at home versions of your favourite takeaways!) Whatever type of cook you currently are, you’ll find recipes here to suit, including quick meals, healthy options, and the time and money saving technique of batch cooking. 

Kitchen hashtags to follow

While you can find inspiration simply by searching for keywords on Google, you might not find the exact types of influencers that you’re looking for this way. We’re sure you already know about hashtags – and if you’ve got a particular interest in something, you’ll almost certainly be following hashtags that relate to that. The same goes for kitchen design and influencers, who will use those hashtags to help you find their posts.

To find what you’re looking for with hashtags, all you have to do is search in Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media for the hashtag that you’re interested in. #kitcheninspo, #kitchendesign and #kitchendecor are all good ones to get you started, as well as #kitchensofinstagram. Searching for these – as well as hashtags that include colours, or specific features – will lead you to those gorgeous accounts that you want to see in your feed. 

Our final thoughts

There we have it – a quick roundup of our favourite kitchen influencers, and interior design influencers. In such a short post, it is impossible to include all the really outstanding ones, and with more accounts being launched each day, you’ll almost certainly find other incredible Instagram accounts and blogs that you can find perfect inspiration from. If you’ve spotted a great one, let us know – and of course, follow us on Instagram @bensimpsonfurniture while you are scrolling to see beautiful posts from our customers.  

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