Top 10 on trend Industrial Décor Ideas

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Industrial chic is a trend that keeps on staying popular…it’s so diverse. There isn’t a right or wrong way to style your home! Its normally cheaper, sustainable, reuses materials & allows the average DIYer to feel free to create with confidence!

Not only can you repurpose old furniture & rustic scrap, but you can combine Industrial materials with so many other styles to enhance them. Here are our TOP 10 Industrial Chic must haves…

On Trend Industrial Décor Ideas

Feature walls and bold paints can work so well in spaces with open shelves

1 | Go Heavy on Metal
Industrial chic can’t be industrial without metal! Black iron, galvanised metal and brass are all quintessential materials of the industrial chic look. Looking around for rustic recycled metal pieces can work so well in new environments.

👉 Examples of Rustic handmade metalwork from Nkuku

2 | Natural Wood
Natural wood; plain, stained or old can bring a rustic warmth to your industrial décor. Reclaimed driftwood and handmade pieces are wonderful components of the look, giving a unique charm that can only be found in true craftsmanship. Wood is also such a versatile material to shape the feel & style of a home. From sandy beach houses to woodland cottages or even a city slicker modern apartment. Used in the right way, it can transform the light & feel of a space.

3 | Exposed a Wall or Two
Exposed brick is rough, uniform yet adds a certain air of hipsterism that paint simple can’t do. It can really bring the live back into a room or property.For those who’s homes are underneath plasterboard or prefer not to expose the brick then there are great brick and concrete texture wallpapers out there which give the same affect.

Rustic Shelf on a Exposed Wall
Industrial Kitchen Ideas

Different rustic shelving can work on a range of walls types 

4 | Repurpose those old Pipes
Repurposed pipes and even faucets made of copper pipes look great. Piping can be used as part as a functional part of the house or even as a decorative accessory. The best thing is this can be up-cycled from your local salvage yard. Bathrooms are always a room where you can get creative! Pay homage to old school materials or go wild with textures and repurposing!

5 | Grid & Wire
Black wire accessories are very popular and go with the black metal elements found within an industrial chic room. Storage boxes, crates and even book shelves look great in this medium.

6 | Wall Décor
Metal Bracket shelves, aged clocks and black picture frames make great wall décor in an industrial styled home. Metal bracket shelving or even Floating Shelves are a great option giving you a storage solution which is affordable, looks the business, can go anywhere and is extremely practical in almost any room!

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Rustic Industrial Home Decor

7 | Add Tons of Texture
Industrial chic is known for its hard surfaces, from the black steel to the concrete and exposed brick. To soften this up and transition from pure industry to a home adding soft textural elements really make a difference to the whole acoustics and feel of a place. Rugs, cushions, wall hangings and throws are great pieces to give a feeling of warmth and comfort to a room.

8 | Go big with Light Fixtures
What is the first thing you see when you walk into an industrial home, of course it is the lights.Hanging metal lights, wall mounted pipe lighting or robust metal desk lamps are just some of the options you have with an industrial chic home. As industrial chic is so on trend at the moment you have plenty of choice to either buy new or to repurpose old items that can create a powerful centre piece.

9 | Repurpose & Reuse
Industrial chic is all about giving the old a new lease of life. From metal filing cabinets, to desks and chairs, even brass pipe as we’ve mentioned earlier. All these can be used in your home to give an industrial look. There really isn’t anywhere you cannot go! Pinterest is always a great starting block to get creative, finding new ideas and exploring different styles.

10 | Making a Statement with Art
When it comes to industrial art, the options are endless. The aim is to really make a statement to give your space a real touch of class. This could be as simple as an old traditional painting in an industrial frame, repurposed signs from train stations or factories or even some street art straight onto the wall.The options are endless and that is the wonderful thing about industrial chic…

🖼 Check out some art from these guys...Abstract House!

I hope you have found some good take aways in this article…if you want to explore more about different interiors and Home stylings head to our blog!

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