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Dawn Matthews  |  Jan 24, 2024

Top Instagram Accounts To Follow For Cooking Inspiration

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Ahh, Instagram – you can use it to find so much inspiration, from sustainable home décor ideas, to fashion, to holidays…and cooking is no exception. Want to shake up your diet this year? Whether you’re bored with what you’re eating, you’re moving towards a plant-based diet, you’re trying to get healthier, or maybe you want to start baking, there’s a world of inspiration to be found on Instagram. Food bloggers are making use of Instagram to show off their creations and to share the recipes with their followers. Whatever the reason that you’re looking to find new cooking inspiration in your Instagram feed, be sure to check out these accounts and follow them for some truly delicious ideas.

Top Instagram Accounts To Follow For Cooking Inspiration

BBC Good Food @bbcgoodfood

We can’t start a blog post about Instagram accounts to follow for cooking inspiration without mentioning BBC Good Food. Their website has so many great recipes across a number of different categories to inspire you, but trying to navigate through them when you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for can be time consuming.

Seeing those recipes and having a moment of “oh goodness, that looks nice!” in your Instagram feed can be a more memorable way to find new ideas. Get all the most amazing recipes from the BBC by following @bbcgoodfood.

BBC Good Food

 Alex Hughes @alexskitchenbangers

If you’re currently watching what you eat, then you might be searching for “diet” food that isn’t salad. If what you’re looking for are high protein, lower calorie meal ideas, this one is for you. Posting @alexskitchenbangers, Alex Hughes shares excellent recipes that are saved on each post – no having to find the link in the bio.

As we’ve come to expect from a lot of Instagram posts, there’s a bit of dancing featured in many of the posts on this account, but the recipes look delicious, and a great place to find new cooking inspiration.

Alex Hughes

The Baking Explorer @thebakingexplorer

When you want to see mouth-watering sweet treats in your Instagram feed, this account is a great one to follow. Kat is a UK based baking blogger, and her bakes look mouth wateringly good. If you’re already a master baker, this account is one that might inspire you to make different versions of them, but the recipes Kat shares are super simple and definitely doable, even for beginner bakers.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with following her just to drool over her confections – but either way, @thebakingexplorer account is a good one.

The Baking Explorer

Tiegan Gerard @halfbakedharvest

If you’re catering for large numbers of people on a regular basis, then you’ll be looking for recipes that are easy enough to throw together, but that are delicious too. Tiegan has been a food blogger for 12 years, and comes from a family of 10 that are based in Colorado. Because of that, her recipes on Instagram use American measurements, but you can follow the links to her blog where there’s an option to convert recipes to metric.

You’ll see a wide range of beautifully shot recipes on the blog, and all of them are suitable for families – and there’s everything from drinks to easy dinners. Follow Tiegan @halfbakedharvest.

Tiegan Gerard

 The Lunchbox Mama @thelunchbox.mama

When your children decide they’re going to be fussy about what they want to eat for their school lunches, picnics and so on, it can be a real fight to get them well nourished. Posting as @thelunchbox.mama, Rachel Stirling shares easy ways to make lunchboxes look great, with ideas to help you such as sandwich alternatives and snacking boards, so you’re more likely to have children with happy tummies.

The Lunchbox Mama

Accidentally Vegan @accidentallyveganuk

Veganuary might be a thing in your home, you might be getting ready to make the transition to plant-based, or you might be (or know someone who is) dairy intolerant. Whatever the reason for your interest in vegan and plant-based foods, knowing what is safe to eat without compromising your diet – or your health, in the case of the dairy allergy folks – can be a mission fraught with pitfalls. Reading labels only to discover that you can’t eat that delicious thing is time consuming and annoying, and if you don’t read the label and then discover you’ve made a mistake, well – that can be even worse. The accidentally vegan account is a handy one to follow, since they post about foods that are safe for vegans – whether the products are marketed as vegan or not. There’s also some delicious looking recipes, so follow them @accidentallyveganuk.

Accidentally Vegan

Georgia McDermott @georgeats

For those of us where food intolerances aren’t just an inconvenience but something that needs to be factored into everyday life, following cooking inspiration accounts can make those intolerances feel really unfair. This has been the case for Georgia, who has been diagnosed with a few different issues in her digestive tract – and so she follows a gluten free, low FODMAP, pescetarian diet.

You’ll find low FODMAP recipes for vegetarians and vegans, with plenty of egg free, xanthan gum free and dairy free recipes on both her blog, and her Instagram account @georgeats, but let us tell you – these recipes look amazing, and definitely don’t look like the typical food intolerance recipes that you’ve encountered.

Georgia McDermott

Gregg Wallace @greggwallace.health

Gregg Wallace made health and fitness a passion after being told he was at risk of a heart attack. His five stone weight loss was the result of making changes to what he ate, without dieting, and so he turned that experience into a successful Instagram account and website that can help you to make changes to your health too.

His account shares reels with advice, weight loss inspiration, and recipes that will make you feel good, and that will help you reach your health goals. Gregg is a co-presenter and judge on MasterChef, so you would imagine that rabbit food diets aren’t for him – and so if a no-diet weight loss plan is what you’re looking for, this account is worth a follow.

Gregg Wallace

Michelle Evans-Fecci @bakesbymichelle

Cooking seasonally is a much more sustainable – and usually more purse-friendly – way to go when you’re planning your meals. Michelle Evans-Fecci starred on the Great British Bake Off in 2019, and posts seasonal recipes that just look fantastic. She often shares recipes that feature foods that were grown in the family garden, so if you’ve got green fingers (even if you’re starting with a herb garden shelf) then this is a great account to follow. You can follow her @bakesbymichelle, and her book The Seasonal Baker is also available.

Michelle Evans-Fecci

Edd Kimber @theboywhobakes

When you fancy a little treat but don’t want to have to make a huge batch of cookies, cakes, or chocolatey deliciousness, then Edd Kimber’s Instagram account, @theboywhobakes, is exactly what you need. Sharing recipes for baked goods that make just a few, (rather than 12 or 24 that then have to be eaten), Edd is a UK baker and food blogger.

Whether you’re a household of one, or you just want to keep the calorie intake down while still allowing yourself the odd treat, you’ll find some pretty excellent bakes and ideas here.

Edd Kimber

Saving Recipes On Instagram Posts

It is all well and good liking the look of a recipe, but when you’re pushed for time, you really don’t want to have to scroll to find the account with the post – that’s if you can even remember the account! Luckily, there are a few ways you can save Instagram posts so they are easy to find.

If you want to save the post to a collection within Instagram, then underneath the post on your feed on the right, you’ll find the save button, and when you tap it, it will “save to collection”. Then, when you go to your profile (tap on your photo at the bottom right hand corner of the app) and then tap the hamburger menu (the three little lines at the top of the screen), then on the next screen, tap Saved to see your saved posts.

If you prefer to save recipes to a Pinterest board, or you want to send them to someone on email, WhatsApp, or another app entirely, you can tap the paper aeroplane icon and then the Share button. Then, you’ll be able to drag the list of options up to select the app you want to share the post in. If you’ve already got somewhere that you save recipes, this is the method to use.

Instagram Cooking Influencers
Top Instagram Accounts for Cooking

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the outstanding food and cooking inspiration accounts that are on Instagram, and there are new ones being started all the time, so if you stumble across a really great one, be sure to let us know! And if you’re considering updating your kitchen – perhaps to be able to accommodate your collection of recipe books, or to start your own Instagram foodie account – then check out our range of kitchen shelves, tables, seating, and kitchen accessories such as wine racks, placemats, and handwoven bowls.

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