What Colours Are In For Autumn 2021?

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The traditional colours of an autumnal palette include deeper colours of red and orange, as well as deeper, darker shades. 2021 is no different – those reds and oranges still feature, so you’ll be on trend if you’ve already pulled out soft furnishings in those shades.
However, as the world begins to emerge from the pandemic, both fashion designers and interior designers are reaching for optimistic, uplifting shades that are pretty unexpected for the autumn, with some even predicting a return to a hedonistic ‘roaring twenties’ mentality. With that in mind, in this post we’re taking a look at all the colours that are trending for autumn and winter 2021.

What Colours Are In For Autumn 2021?
Autumn Colours 2021

Here are the Top 5 colours for this year . . .

Red Tones

Autumn means a return to cosier ways (that hygge feeling!) and traditional autumnal colour palettes feature browns, russet reds, and pumpkin oranges – they’re all great ways to bring feelings of warmth to the home during the fall. These muted shades mimic nature’s change of colour, and as such they’re almost always on trend from the end of September. Pantone included Adobe, a shade of sun-dried clay, Fire Whirl, a deep red, and Root Beer, a strong brown tone in their Autumn/Winter 2021/2022 colour palette.

Deep Watery Blues

Strong shades of blue also heavily feature this autumn, and work well as grounding shades for the bright pops of colour that also feature. Mykonos Blue, a deep shade of petrol blue; Rhodonite, a deep shade of navy with hints of purple; and Spring Lake, a quiet, restful blue with hints of grey. Many consider blues in the home as cold, but paired with bright shades, these deeper blues feel anything but chilly. 

Blues and Oranges
Autumn Leaves Colour Inspiration

Autumn Brights

The brighter shades that are trending are definitely unexpected during the autumn, but are incredibly uplifting shades. As you’d expect, one of the Pantone Colours of the Year, Illuminating – a bright, sunny yellow features alongside Fuchsia Fedora, a deep, vivid pink that stands out on dreary grey days; and Pale Rosette, a gentler shade of pink that is reminiscent of, but slightly peachier than Millennial pink.

Gorgeous Greens

Despite brighter greens often being more associated with spring and summer, there is a lot to be said for using greens in the winter, and this year, fashion agrees! Leprechaun, the deep green associated with Irish folklore makes the autumn palette, as does Olive Branch, a mid-green that is suggestive of growth, yet can work as a deeper neutral shade all year round.

Notable Neutrals

If you’re looking to balance those brighter shades in your home, you’re likely to be you’re looking for a great neutral – and you’ll be looking for a shade that outperform the blandness of magnolia. Near-white, and off-white shades are always on trend, such as Coconut Cream, and Soybean, a blonde beige is a great option.

Finally, the second Pantone Colour of the Year for 2021, Ultimate Grey is still trending too. Greys have featured in home décor for quite some time, because they’re great, quiet neutrals that allow other colours to shine. 

Rustic Autumn Colour Ideas
Rustic Shelf Autumn Colours
Rustic Autumn Colours

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