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Dawn Matthews  |  Mar 19, 2024

Bringing the Outdoors In with Natural Wooden Furniture

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Creating a peaceful, restful home is something we all strive for, and there’s no better way to do that by choosing natural wooden furniture within the space. While it might seem a little self-serving for us to talk about wooden furniture on a blog post, there are actually some great benefits to opting for wood when you’re furnishing your home, and in this post, we’re sharing them. Let’s take a look.


Why Choose Natural Wooden Furniture For Your Home?

Making decisions about what is the best furniture for your home is almost always based on what your personal preferences are in terms of interior design. But the fact that wooden furniture always looks good isn’t the only reason to choose it.

Solid wood furniture always looks fantastic

The aesthetic appeal of solid wooden furniture will never go out of style. No matter what type of wood it is made from, or the wood finish that is applied, pieces like solid wooden dining tables or cabinets will always look great, even after decades of use.

While trends come and go in terms of wood finishes – those slightly orange-tinged varnishes that were big in the 80s are less popular now – the great thing about wooden furniture is that it can always be updated. You’ll find thousands of videos online showing how vintage or antique pieces can be sanded down and refinished to look contemporary again, so if you’re on a budget, this is a great way to get the look at a much lower cost.

Natural wood works with a range of décor styles

There are few interior design styles that wooden furniture doesn’t work with. Because wood has been a traditional material for furniture makers to work with for hundreds of years, it looks fantastic, no matter what the overall interior design theme that is desired. We’ve talked about different décor styles before, but a few examples that wooden furniture can be used in include:

✔ Japandi
✔ Scandinavian
✔ Rustic and traditional
✔ Modern
✔ Contemporary
✔ Industrial
✔ Minimalist

Each interior design style tends makes use of wooden furniture in different colours from wooden finishes, but most pieces would be able to be used in more than one style of décor. So, if you decide go for a complete change in style – from rustic to industrial, for example – those wooden pieces you already own are likely to work, once you switch out the soft furnishings and accessories in the rest of the room.

Wood is extremely durable

MDF, chipboard, and veneered particle board products that are mass-manufactured are strong, but wood has a natural strength that will withstand much more of what family life has to throw at it, and will last a lifetime if cared for properly. Many manufactured woods are likely to be susceptible to damp and mould, since they absorb water quickly, and this can also mean furniture that is made from it can lose the structural integrity of the piece.


It is best for the environment

When you choose wooden furniture, you’re also choosing the best for the environment – and especially if you buy from a company that prioritises sustainability. Yes, creating wooden furniture involves cutting down trees, but when the wood comes from a sustainably managed forest, then the impact on the environment is mitigated. If you are buying brand new, then buy from a company that recycles and otherwise minimises their long term impact on the environment, and you’re making the best decision you can in terms of the planet.

Each piece of wood furniture is completely unique

While there may be hundreds of other pieces of furniture made in the same style as yours, because of the unique features in natural wood – the grain, knots, and so on – there simply won’t be another piece that is exactly the same. Add to that the options you have for choosing different wood finishes, and the chances of you encountering another is minimal.

Wood furniture creates a deep connection with nature

Natural products bring the outdoors in, and there’s much to be said for being able to see the pattern of wood grain in the home. Studies have shown that this exposure to natural products such as wood can bring to our mental wellbeing include improved comfort and emotional state, lower stress levels, potential for faster healing, and lower blood pressure – all of which may contribute to maintained physical and mental capacities. While a lot more studies are required to understand the bigger picture, we’re inclined to think the circumstantial evidence is likely to be accurate.


Most wooden furniture is easy to maintain

There’s not much that wooden furniture inside the home requires to keep it looking great. Keep it clean, and periodically (every six months to a year, depending on how heavily the furniture is used) apply natural beeswax, oil, or whatever the manufacturer recommends. Some pieces of furniture may need a little extra care, so always check before using cleaning products or additional waxes and so on.

Wooden furniture is more likely to retain value

While a piece of heavily used wooden furniture won’t necessarily sell for the same price that a brand new one does, wooden furniture does tend to retain more value than those made from man-made materials. As we’ve already mentioned, because wood is such a durable material, it will last a really long time – and so with the right care, you won’t need to replace wooden pieces for a long time, whether you decide to sell a piece on, or keep it working for you.

Buying wooden furniture can support local communities and small businesses

A lot of solid wooden furniture is created by small businesses that work with, and give back to, the communities in which they’re based. That means that not only will you love the furniture you buy, and get all the other benefits, you’re also supporting those communities.

Many smaller businesses are more conscientious about their impact on the planet than big name retailers are too. Take our approach at Ben Simpson Furniture – we not only create solid wooden furniture that looks fantastic, but our commitment to sustainability is at the forefront of our business. We use every scrap of each tree we use, right down to repurposing our sawdust, and we plant ten trees to replace each one we use, to help reduce our impact on the environment. 

Solid wooden furniture can encourage family togetherness

Don’t believe us? Think about how a lovely solid wooden dining table set in your home could allow you to start having meals together a few times a week. Ban phones for an hour, and watch the conversation flow, and develop into family games nights.

Not only can solid wooden furniture encourage togetherness inside the home, if you’re blessed with an amazing garden then the same applies out here. Whether you’ve yet to create an outdoor kitchen, or you prefer a simple barbecue to power your outdoor dining area, gathering your family and friends around wooden garden furniture will help you build memories that will last a lifetime.


Which Wood Is Best When Choosing Furniture For The Home?

It depends on your needs and those of your family, but in most cases, we think you can’t go wrong with sustainably sourced pine. Not only is pine a fast growing tree, so forests are relatively quickly replaced, but pine can be treated with plenty of different types of wood finish, which means it can be matched to other furniture that is made from natural woods. That means that if you’re a fan of super dark and luxurious walnut or teak, and already have a piece such as a dining table that will take centre stage, you can buy pine furniture and accessories such as shelves, and opt for a similar enough finish to create a cohesive look in the space. If you’re not certain which finish is best, before you decide we recommend getting your hands on one of our sample packs.

How Much Is Bespoke Wooden Furniture?

While buying bespoke wooden furniture is absolutely an investment in your home, it doesn’t necessarily cost as much as you’d think, especially if you look at pine furniture. Find a company that creates each piece hand made to order, and you will find they’re likely to offer bespoke sizing, without the crazy price tag that you’d assume. We offer our furniture in bespoke sizes at no additional charge, so you can get the solid wooden kitchen table you’re dreaming of to fit in your space perfectly. If you’re unsure, you’re welcome to get in touch and we can advise you.

Our Final Thoughts

It comes as no surprise that we think that buying solid wooden furniture is a great investment – we wouldn’t have chosen it as our business if we didn’t! But with so many other great reasons to choose it for your home, it just makes sense. If you’re creating a beautifully designed home interior with plenty of wooden furniture, make sure you tag us @bensimpsonfurniture in your Instagram posts with your before and afters; especially if you’ve chosen pieces from us!

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