We Plant Trees

Read about our Planting Promise

For every TREE that we use - we promise to PLANT 10 more! 🌲

Our Planting Promise

The WORLD 🌍 needs our help!

We all know that the climate crisis is big and it may sometimes feel as though one tree won't make much of a difference, but it does! Putting all those trees together creates forests to benefit people, nature and wildlife for years to come.

Lets all work together to save the planet, ONE TREE PLANTED at a time!

One Tree Planted

Our Partnership

We have joined ONE TREE PLANTED to help to REFOREST & REWILD areas of land around the world that have been destroyed by un-sustainable processes.

One Tree Planted is a non-profit dedicated to global reforestation by planting trees to restore nature 🌱 and biodiversity ♻️

YOU can plant too 🙌

All of you lovely people have the chance to plant a tree too! When you checkout - you will be able to add a tree to your order and make sure that the planet is one step closer to becoming a greener place! 🌍

Learn more about our Sustainability HERE

We Plant TREES

We care deeply about the planet and creating a business that gives back to nature. That’s why we’re thrilled to be partnering with One Tree Planted 🤝

We understand the importance of planting trees - thats why we have our very own PLANTING PROMISE...

For Every TREE that we use WE WILL PLANT 10 🌲


One Tree Planted - Peru planting trees
One Tree Planted - Peru planting trees in areas of deforestation

Our products PLANT TREES!

We make a tremendous effort to reuse & recycle all our waste. It’s brilliant to have another way to give back and help the environment! Thats why we PLANT 10 TREES for every 1 that we use!

Let's all Reforest!

ONE TREE PLANTED have incredable reforestation projects that help to rebuild forests after natural disasters and deforestation. This benefits nature, the climate & directly impacts the people living in the affected areas.

What are we doing?

By using PEFC & FSC Certified suppliers. We are guaranteeing our wooden products & our packaging are made from 100% sustainable forests.

One Tree Planted - planting trees
One Tree Planted - The Importance of planting trees
One Tree Planted - Saplings being planted
New pine saplings - planted in a forest

Our Sustainability

Learn more about what we are doing to limit our waste 🌍