Rustic Modern Décor - What Is It?

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Rustic modern, the decor trend that is on the rise...

When you think of Rustic Modern décor, what comes to mind? Rustic charm, homely warmth, combined with modern clean amenities, white light space and a touch of industrial flair? If that is what you’ve pictured then you are on the right page.

Rustic modern décor embraces the very best of rustic, modern and minimalism, giving a room or space a light and spacious feel but without sacrificing the charm and warm from a more traditional style.

Rustic Modern Décor
Rustic Modern Shelves

Feature walls and bold paints can work so well in spaces with open shelves

The key to modern rustic designs is open floor plans, modern furniture combined with natural elements such as wood and stone. Colour schemes are simple yet can combine bold colours where needed. Industrial elements such as metal lighting or cast-iron features are a great way to transition between the rustic to modern feel.

The final element is a great source of lighting, ideally in the form of large windows to bring in the light from the great outdoors.The style is designed for someone who wants comfortable yet modern living, and if this sounds like you, follow this article to see how you can recreate it in your home.

Elements of Rustic Modern Decor

Rustic modern home décor harnesses the warmth and quality of true rustic design yet, unlike a pure rustic home, warmth is generated using a minimalist vision by incorporating fine elements of rustic charm. The secret is to use clean light colours from a modern home with the touch of natural wood, solid furniture and perhaps of wood burning fireplace.

As the name suggests, the modern in rustic modern is about bringing in the clean, light and open vibes you get from a modern design. Light walls, minimalist vision and well-placed accessories are great, though more is less in this case, choosing quality over quantity.

Open Space
Both rustic designs and modern designs work well with open floor space and this is why this hybrid décor style works so well. At the very core of rustic modern is the idea of an open yet welcoming space and this can be achieved in both large spaces and smaller. It is all about placement, symmetry and using well thought out storage options such as wall shelves, which take less space than a typical wooden bookcase but achieves the same purpose.

Rustic Modern Kitchen
Rustic Modern Bedroom

Examples of different rustic shelving can work with a range of different paints

Unlike some “modern designs”, modern rustic is not flat packed and its not MDF. The concept behind the rustic modern is to bring great quality and character into a modern clean space. Incorporating the very best of old and new. So, when choosing modern amenities these should be clean yet to a great standard, the rustic elements should be solid, well made, and practical. The aim is to create a timeless feel which will not just last the test of time but still look great too!

Rustic modern incorporates a minimalist mindset, some people even refer to rustic modern decor as a rustic minimalist look, but the real concept from minimalism we take is no necessary owning fewer possession but making sure the possessions we have in the design have purpose.

Natural Materials

Rustic modern cannot be rustic modern without the incorporation of natural elements and craftsmanship. Here are some essential features you can add to give your home the rustic modern feel.

Different Timber
Wood and wooden craftsmanship is one of the founding components to a rustic modern home. Like wood, rustic is real and full of character.

Utilising wood as wall décor in the form of shelves is great way to add a rustic yet modern touch to the home. Solid wooden beams and wooden flooring can also add the rustic touch to a modern space.

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Solid Furniture
Rustic modern decor is about using the very best pieces is a modern clean space. This can sometimes sound contradictory but by choosing a few core, yet solid pieces, can really bring out the beauty in the rustic elements without cluttering the space.

Using solid, practical furniture is a great way to get the modern rustic look. A solid industrial dining table sat in a light modern space really brings out the character of the piece.

Rustic Mindset

Sometimes it is too easy to keep with the modern elements of clean and spacious. Though a rustic design benefits from this, the real key to incorporate “rustic” into the rustic modern decor look is to look for “simple yet classy pieces”. Rustic’s real beauty comes from the finer details and qualities found in the material and workmanship of the piece.

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Industrial Elements of Rustic Modern Decor 

A great way to highlight the joining of rustic tones into a modern space is by adding industrial elements. By adding elements of industrial décor really highlights a transition from the handmade to the modern world but still highlights the quality you find in rustic made pieces.

A great way to achieve this is by adding industrial light fittings which gives your rustic modern decor home an industrial chic look.

1 - Ceramics

The art of making ceramics is as old as time itself yet it is a medium of accessories which has evolved through out the years. Ceramics can come in a variation of styles from farmhouse and true rustic pieces to a more modern and clean design.

The key is to find the right mix which works for you space to elevate the space and set the tone you are looking to achieve. A nice touch is to look for a design which has a classic rustic look but with a neutral clean colour, allowing to emphasise the pairing of both styles.

2 - Metals

Metals can be solid and raw yet give a modern and clean look to a building. A modern touch which really emphasises the rustic modern decor look is tall, metal window frames. Owing their inspiration to the industrial revolution, these frames appear modern and clean in design yet have a classic charm.

Furniture incorporating raw metal elements, whether its table legs, shelf brackets or supporting features are a great way to show of the best of modern and rustic.

3 - Stone

Stone and brickwork is a classic look of the modern rustic scheme. Open brickwork or natural stone can be both light, clean yet emphasise characteristics and uniqueness not found in a modern day home.

Exposed brickwork is a timeless look which is both modern and elegantly nostalgic, and this can be incorporated as throughout the room or as an accent wall, allowing you to combine textures of clean, smooth modern and raw yet classic chic brick walls.

4 - Linen

Natural linens are a great way to introduce a rustic vibe into your living space. You can add them in the manner of tea towels in the kitchen, tablecloths and napkins in your dining area and as bedsheets to your bedroom.

There are now a number of different Linens nowadays. You go into any high street shop and they will have a variety of different Homeware, if its not Linen its cotton. Make sure its not heavily dyed with chemicals and is organic & you cant go wrong. Spending a little more on finer quality materials is better for you and better for the environment.

Modern Meets Tradition 

So how does modern meet the traditional world of Rustic? Well here at Ben Simpson Furniture, we’re not just passionate about furniture but we also love design.

Rustic Modern Office

When designing our office, we wanted to create a space which was light and clean yet homed in on that rustic charm our furniture is known for.

We incorporated light modern colours to the walls and wooden flooring which allows the rustic desk to stand out and show off its natural looking tones without looking stuffy.

We incorporated dark metal frames in both the windows and mirror to give contrast and yet distribute the light. The finishing touches are the industrial style lighting and minimalist approach to office hardware.

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Contrasting Colours

In rustic modern design there is a lot more to it than furniture and space. One of the key factors is finding the style and balance of colours that brings out the feeling you are wanting to achieve.

Minimal light tones from whites, light creams and tones with hints of grey work well to bring a modern clean look.
By having light walls, it will allow the room to bounce the light further, giving a more spacious look to your space. This also helps promote darker furniture by highlighting the tones without it drawing in the room.

Bold colours can also work in a modern rustic space, especially in rooms with space and natural lights. Rustic colours include warm earthy tones which can give a bold contrast to the more modern clean tones. This could be achieved by an accent wall and or even a contrasting floor.

Dark Neutral
Another way to give a modern yet strong look is to used strong neutral tones. Greys and stone inspired colours are a great way to give a clean yet classic look to a room. The secret here is to use as much natural light as possible to avoid a dim room.

Bright Accessories
When using darker tones in your décor a great way to bring out the modern aseptic is to use bright accessories that give a great contrast. Wooden shelves populated with a light ceramic vase give a clean and appeasing look. 

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Rustic Modern Décor Ideas

6 Tips for Rustic Modern Décor 

So we will leave you with 6 tips to get you started on your rustic modern home.

1. Furniture First – The largest item of furniture in your rustic modern room should be minimal yet comfortable. Rather than elaborate in design, the real elegance should come from its craftsmanship and purpose.

2. Mixing old with new – Styles from the mid-century combined with clean tones of the 21st century are key to creating the rustic modern look.

3. Symmetry and Space – space is key to bring the most out of the modern rustic room. The modern element is to give an airy clean feel to the living space. Symmetry where applicable can really enhance the way the room looks.

4. Hints of Industrial – Though introducing too many industrial element can transition a room from rustic modern to industrial chic, the introduction of industrial lights and large windows frames are a must have for this look.

5. Rely of natural textures – using natural textures from wood, ceramics and textiles such as linen, jute or cloth can give a modern room a soft touch of rustic.

6. Balance – It is important to find the right balance of modern and rustic. Our advice is to think of the background as a modern clean look in which rustic elements enhance the feel with their charm.

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