Top 5 Rustic Modern Interior Design Tips...

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A Rustic home can stir up many emotions and thoughts from memories long passed. From the humble countryside getaway to a spacious industrial loft apartment.

Top 5 Rustic Modern Interior Design Tips

Rustic Decor embodies a look that is aged, organic and sometimes even a little distressed. It gives a feeling of warmth and homeliness that one only feels as they reminisce about their visits to their childhood home or are reminded of the smell from their grandparents cooking.

We've put together this blog post to help you bring the charm of Rustic design into your home and relive those special moments and.create those feelings and memories all over again.

Key Rustic Modern Elements

rustic fireplace

✅  The Fireplace

Nothing speaks more Rustic than the crackle of an open fire, proudly represented by a traditionally crafted mantel.

The fireplace not only brings rustic charm into your living space but the warmth and sounds of an open fire are unmatched compared to their modern counterparts.

rustic shelves

✅  The Rustic Shelf

Whether it is a rustic country kitchen, a vintage style reception or a coastal holiday let, nothing speaks more rustic than good old solid rustic shelves.

The shelves from a glance are just that but rustic shelves can come in many forms, from floating shelves to a variety of many styles of bracket shelves, typically supported but rustic and solid metal brackets.

rustic solid wooden furniture

✅  Solid Furniture

Rustic homes are ones of simple nature yet full of character, solid hand-crafted furniture is a key part of a Rustic living.

The furniture needs to be strong and sturdy but approachable and relaxed. It is this welcoming and easy feel that really brings out the magic of rustic furniture.

Top 5 Tips for Designing Your Rustic Home 🖐

When embarking on the design of your rustic home, it's important to take a comprehensive approach that considers every aspect of the space. To ensure you create a warm and inviting environment that truly reflects your personal style, there are five key areas you should pay close attention to.So here are 5 key areas to look out for.

rustic interior design ideas

Tip 1 - Choose Solid Wood  🚪

Rustic is real, full of character and so only real wood will do. This can be in the form of real wood flooring, solid wooden tables and of course strong rustic shelves. Wood should be sourced from reclaimed sources or sustainably sourced timber.

 Tip 2  - Always go Handmade  🔨

Rustic design is unique and nothing gives the look and feel of a unique piece better than something which is handcrafted. This doesn’t mean you can accessorise with a few extras from your local high street store, but the essence of a rustic home will always be in what is handmade.

Tip 3 - Simple yet Classy  😏

Rustic is not bling, bling wishes it was rustic (sorry Bling). The true elegance of rustic design comes from the finer details and the quality of the material and workmanship. True rustic pieces are made to last and due to that; their look is timeless.

Tip 4 - Choosing Wax Colours  🎨

Designing a Rustic home does not mean you cannot add colour, having the right palette often lifts the beauty of the natural material used. Most often you will find neutral or earth tones in a rustic home but bright tones can be used too. The secret is not to go overboard on colour and balance it with the natural shades of your pieces.

Tip 5 - Space and Positioning  🏠

Rustic design often implores pieces that are large and built to last. Having a room with space and positioning your pieces in the correct manner often keeps a rustic room looking spacious yet homely. Symmetry is your friend here.

Feeling inspired with these Rustic Modern Interior Design Tips?

We hope you enjoyed this blog post and found some inspiration for your own rustic interior design project. Remember, the key to creating a truly rustic space is to use natural materials, handcrafted furniture, and simple yet elegant accents.



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