How to Create Beautiful Autumn and Fall Décor

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We’re currently in the height of August as we write this post, and autumn décor is probably the last thing on your mind, especially if you’ve got children – there are at least another few weeks of fun in the sun before they go back to school. But as we realise every year, September comes around a lot quicker than we imagine, the weather cools down for Halloween and Guy Fawkes, and then it is Christmas before we know it. 

When you’re preparing your home for autumn, keep in mind that chilly evenings and frosty mornings are going to make you want to cosy up. We wrote about hygge last year, and autumn really is the height of hygge season – the feeling of wellbeing that comes with being at home, feeling good, and sharing wholesome, nourishing moments with our loved ones. 

Creating beautiful home décor isn’t just for the fall, but when life is going to be busy, getting ahead and preparing now means that you’ll be able to enjoy your space as the days cool, until it is time to witch it up (see what we did there?) with Halloween décor in October. Let’s take a look at how you can create the perfect autumn home décor look in your home. 

Getting Your Home Prepped For Autumn 2021

The autumnal colour palette

Most of us know what autumn hues mean, because they are the same each year – burnt oranges and deep reds are the order of the day! Of course, they aren’t the only colours you can be reaching for. Dark shades of evergreen, earthy browns, and hints of gold all work beautifully together to create a perfect autumnal look. 

You don’t have to completely redecorate though! If you’re a fan of decorating your home seasonally, then choose neutral colours for walls, and switch out soft furnishings such as cushion covers, curtains, table cloths, rugs, and blankets, as well as table and shelf decorations to give little pops of seasonal hues against neutral walls. It doesn’t have to mean spending a lot every year either – all year round, you can find elements in nature that can be brought in to add to the look. 

The natural elements 

There’s nothing better than natural wood in the home during the autumn – and of course, we’re big fans of it year round! If you’re adding shelving, or choosing a new dining table, then natural wood is one of the strongest choices, and certainly one of the most sustainable. Choose furniture from our range, and you can choose the exact wood finish to match your existing wooden furniture, from pale shabby chic to dark walnut. 

Another natural element that you might not have thought of? A rustic mantel for your fireplace. If you’ve got a working fireplace or a wood burning stove, then you’re almost certainly going to be making the most of it this autumn and winter – so now is the time to make it look great. Once it is installed, you can style your mantel in much the same way that you would a shelf, decorating it with plants, or to show off your collections of photos or curios. 

Of course, in the autumn, if you’re choosing accessories, natural is best too. Raid your garden and local country lanes for leaves, foliage, berries, as well as gorgeous autumn flowers such as rudbeckia, crocosmia, and aster, for arranging in vases throughout the home – they’ll look great as part of your autumn #shelfie

Autumn home table
Autumn home table

The finishing touches

Your autumn home refresh isn’t complete without those finishing touches that make all the difference to how cosy your home is. 

🌟  Lighting is really important in the autumn – the nights are drawing in, the mornings are dark for longer, and we rely on artificial light to do what we need to do. Keep the super-bright daylight bulbs in workspaces like the kitchen and the home office, and use warm white bulbs everywhere else – or switch to smart bulbs that you can control the colour temperature of, so you can get the brightness, and colour you need. You’ll never look back, and they’re great for helping to avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – also known as the winter blues. 

🎃  Scent is another important element that will give your home that extra layer of cosiness. Many of us love a scented candle, and pumpkin spice and cinnamon are traditional autumn scents, but if you don’t love those, then warm vanilla is a great option, and lavender or bergamot are great mood-boosting scents too. The bonus of a scented candle? They don’t just offer a warming glow, they can actually add warmth to the room too, helping you save on your energy bills. If candles aren’t great due to children or pets, then try scent diffusers, potpourri, or room sprays to add those yummy scents. 

🔥  Getting cosy is one of the main things when you’re decorating your home for autumn. We’ve already touched on it – but finding plenty of warm blankets, cushions, and throws to layer up, in autumnal shades is always a good idea at this time of year. Roll blankets up in a basket next to the sofa, hang them on a decorative ladder next to your bookshelves, or layer up different textures on the bed to keep you warm through the chilly nights before you turn the heating on. 

Autumn 2021 home ideas
Autumn Home 2021

Our final thoughts

Autumn is all about those wonderful, crisp days that you can get out and enjoy, but a huge part of those days is coming in from the cold and enjoying your home. While decorating your home for the autumn is definitely optional, it certainly makes those moments of returning feel all the sweeter when you get in – and you’ll be so glad you took the time and effort to do so. When you’ve styled your home for autumn (or maybe just one element of it, such as styling a shelf) post it on your Instagram and tag us, so we can share how wonderful it looks with our followers – we’re @bensimpsonfurniture

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