Wooden Floating Shelves

Our wooden floating shelves offer endless possibilities, from open kitchen shelves to cosy bathroom storage, creative wall art, or even a charming coffee bar. Our commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship ensures that our floating shelves are not just a beautiful addition to your home but also an environmentally conscious choice.




Kitchen floating shelves
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    About our Rustic Wooden Floating Shelves

    Whether you want to display your favourite books, keep your kitchen essentials within reach, or add a touch of rustic charm to your living space, our handmade wooden floating shelves can do it all.

    Our wooden floating shelves can seamlessly transform room styles, whether you prefer a rustic modern look or contemporary decor. Crafted from 100% sustainable solid wood and featuring classic rustic details, these shelves add a timeless quality to your space. Installation is a breeze, and even a DIY enthusiast can do it.

    At Ben Simpson Furniture, we prioritise quality, functionality, and sustainability in every product we create. When you choose our floating shelves, you can be confident that each piece has been meticulously designed and constructed with these core elements in mind. Transform your living spaces with our sustainable and elegant wooden floating shelves today.