We constantly strive to improve all aspects of our business

Our Promise

Sustainability and responsibility are an integral part of everything we do at Ben Simpson Furniture.

Starting at the very beginning we use responsibly sourced FSC certified Northern Scandinavian Pine | We always recycle & reuse waste products from our manufacturing process which include Wood Offcuts, Sawdust, Cardboard & Plastics.

About Our Timber

All our wood is responsibly sourced & FSC certified Northern Scandinavian Pine. We only use the highest grade joinery pine. This allows us to manufacture a product which is consistently high quality with the knowledge that its sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Northern sawn softwood offers extremely advantageous strength qualities in relation to weight, making it well-suited for Shelving & Furniture. With all our wood being Kiln Dried & having a Moisture content below 10% It gives the confidence that the timber will acclimatise to its new surroundings without warping or bowing.


FSC Certification

All our timber comes from sustainably managed forests in areas where Four trees are planted for every One felled.

Forests that are used for wood harvesting only have a few trees taken from each section. This allows the forests native Animals & Habitats to continue to thrive. This patch of land wont be harvested again for 30 years.

Our Recycling Project

Wood Offcuts

We generate 400kg of wooden offcuts a month. This sounds high, however when converted to a scrap wood percentage, it is only 1.2% of the wood used in our production.

All our wood offcuts are either reused for our smaller products or made into Kindling ideal for locals & pubs.


All our sawdust is collected through our extraction units. We generate approximately two 250 litre bags of sawdust a day. All of which is then packaged up and distributed to our local farms.

It is then used as bedding material for cattle & farm animals. We dont waste a drop!!!

Plastic Waste

One small element of our business that still uses bubble wrap is our packaging for bespoke products & Fixing Packs. With irregular shapes and sizes needing protection during delivery, bubble wrap is still used & accounts for 1% of all our orders.

If you receive an order using bubble wrap we encourage you to reuse or recycle it locally to protect the environment from plastic waste.


Cardboard boxes

We spent months designing the perfect cardboard packaging. We needed it to be durable & protective yet environmentally friendly.

We have managed to achieve exactly this... All our cardboard packaging is made from 75% recycled materials, and is 100% recyclable after final use.

Making it the ideal solution at a time when the environment is at the forefront of everything being produced.