Our Materials

Our commitment to sourcing sustainable materials

"When it comes to sourcing materials for our products, we have a mission: to find elements that are not only inherently sustainable but will also withstand the test of time, contributing to a sustainable future."

100% Solid Wood

We feel the future of the woodworking lies in handcrafted, sustainable furniture making. This starts with sustainable wood sourced from FSC & PEFC managed forests. We recognise that the global average for certified timber is a mere 10%, for that reason we have always supported & embraced regenerative forestry. This traceable timber supports social, ecological, and economic aspects of forest operations. 

We need to shift away from unsustainable working practices, and instead focus on building an industry with ethical, circular values at its core.


We are so lucky to be able to work so closely with our own local metalwork fabricator based right here in Rudgwick, no exaggeration - They're our next door neighbour!

Being able to work closely with our suppliers guarantees the quality of the materias and means our products are fully made in Britain. It also provides comfort that we are limiting our carbon footprint by reducing our transportation of raw materials.

Local companies working together!


We spent years developing and designing the perfect cardboard packaging for our products. We needed it to be durable and protective yet environmentally friendly.

We have managed to achieve exactly this...All our cardboard packaging is made from 75% recycled materials, and is 100% recyclable after final use.

Completely PLASTIC FREE!

Making it the perfect solution at a time when the environment is at the forefront of everything being produced. 

Water Hyacinth

Water hyacinth, which is considered a weed, can be transformed into a variety of eco-friendly products through responsible harvesting. By controlling its growth, we can convert water hyacinth into practical and sustainable home accessories, effectively mitigating water pollution in various areas across Brazil.

Support Sustainable Practices!


Seagrass is an all-around winner when it comes to materials. It is found in shallow coastal waters around the UK and possesses remarkable carbon absorption properties, removing 35 times more carbon than rainforest plants.

It is harvested and twisted into rope-like fibers, which are then used in weaving rugs, coasters, and placemats. Seagrass is most commonly employed in basket weaving, resulting in durable, lightweight, and sustainable home storage solutions that are built to endure. We love it!

Reed Grass

Nestled in marshes, lakes, and along rivers, this plant plays a vital role in sustaining the ecosystem. However, its significance extends beyond that! It holds the potential to fuel our future as a sustainable source of bioenergy, enabling the production of ethanol and renewable fuels.

A softer material compared to Seagrass, offer an incredible weave primarily used in basket making. Through careful management and harvesting, we can ensure the continued thriving of this incredible resource, benefiting both nature and homes for generations to come.

Our Timber

Read more about our timber & where we source it!