Top Kitchen Trends 2022 – 2023

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Following the trends isn’t necessarily something that you’d associate with kitchens, but the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the home, and certainly gets the heaviest use. Whether it is cooking, baking, and laundry that goes on, or simply eating breakfast, that’s a huge demand on the space. In family homes, the kitchen becomes the centre of the home for socialising, with kitchen tables serving as a place for children to do homework, or for adults to use as a desk for working from home. 

Because of all that, and because your kitchen is very likely to be seen by your visitors, your kitchen décor needs to feel great, reflecting your personality and taste. In this post, we’re taking a look at the current trends for kitchens in 2022 and into 2023.

What’s trending for kitchens in 2022?

Let’s take a look at the trending themes, before we move on to the trends, and trending colours in kitchen décor – then you can pick and choose what will work for your home.  

Overarching themes

When you’re thinking of redesigning your kitchen, you’ll want to know about the larger kitchen themes before you get down to the details – and these are the ones you’ll want to know about. 


Decorating your home in a sustainable way just makes sense, and while sustainability has been trending for a while, we believe it is a trend that is here to stay. We’ll get to talking about natural materials in a moment – but looking for cabinetry and furniture made from responsibly sourced materials is just the first step. 

Decorating your home in a sustainable way isn’t just about finding natural wall décor, sustainably sourced furniture, and wood finishes though – it is also about being thoughtful about what you invest in. Buying what you love, based on your taste over the years means that if you truly love those high quality plastic chairs, and believe you will forever, then go for it. Buying once can be better than buying multiple times.  

In addition to thinking about your décor, ensuring you buy the highest rated appliances will help keep the demand for electricity down, which will benefit not only the environment, but your electricity bill too. 

How Can I Create a Rustic Country Bedroom?
How Can I Create a Rustic Country Bedroom?

Timeless design

Classic kitchen design has never truly gone away, but it is definitely back on trend – and it makes perfect sense. Completely refurbishing your kitchen is a huge investment, in terms of both time and money, and most of us don’t want the upheaval on a regular basis! If you’re considering selling your home, whether that is in the near future or in a few years, you certainly don’t want that investment to be wasted. 

Choosing the right styles and features is the key to this trend. You’ll be looking at: 

  • Traditional Shaker-style cabinets
  • Flat-fronted slab doors
  • Furniture in neutral tones such as white, or natural wood 
  • Open wooden shelving
  • Wood or stone flooring 

Spending your budget on getting classic basics means that you can add contemporary, or trending items to update the look from time to time. Switching handles on drawers and doors, choosing a wooden kitchen table with a modern look, and trending lighting means that you can make your kitchen feel on trend, without spending a fortune on a design that will feel dated in a few years. 

Trending kitchen décor ideas

There’s a heavy emphasis on the natural in kitchen décor at the moment, and we love that – it is what we do, after all!

Natural materials

High shine, engineered finishes are done – the way forward is natural, and that goes for everything in your kitchen, from flooring to cabinetry to countertops. Wooden cabinets combined with natural stone countertops are the perfect kitchen combination. For floors, block wooden flooring is a huge trend, with parquet and herringbone trending as a great way to add visual interest, without the pattern being overwhelming. If wood doesn’t suit, look to stone finishes like marble effect (lino works – actual marble is very expensive!) and granite flagstones. 

Statement lighting

We mentioned those small updates, but lighting is definitely one of the updates that can have a huge impact in a room. Switch out generic strip lights or inlaid spot lights for statement pendant lights that hang above kitchen islands, statement spotlights, and of course, LED strips to illuminate beneath cabinets. Choosing LED bulbs has a huge benefit for the environment too – they’re not only super bright and use relatively little power, but they last much, much longer, and can be recycled more easily at the end of their life. 

Natural light

Given the amount of time we spend in our kitchens, it makes sense to have as much natural light as possible – not only to save on the energy bills, but for our physical health through the darker months too. Large windows, skylights, and bifold doors are right on trend, but if this isn’t in your budget, then simply make the most of what you have. Change blackout roller blinds for lighter window treatments such as gauzy linen, and where possible, use mirrored items to help bounce light around the room. 

Enhanced storage

We’re all looking at how to save money at the moment, and so there’s a huge trend towards making sure storage is better. A great freezer with loads of space, and pantries that can hold larger quantities of bulk bought dried food, as well as jars and tins are both essential. Inside kitchen cupboards and drawers, space is being used more creatively, with organisers and extra shelves. In addition, free-standing furniture items like cabinets, dressers, and butchers blocks all add to the enhanced storage, while built-in dining booths are a cosy trend that can incorporate storage – you just need the perfect kitchen table! 


Decorating your home with plants has been on trend for a while, and there are so many excellent reasons to do so – not least because it is great for your physical, and mental health! We spoke a while ago about creating a herb garden, and how that can enhance your cooking – so if nothing else, herbs in pots on the kitchen windowsill is always a good idea. If you’re a bit more green fingered, the best plants for kitchens include: 

Spider Plants

Peace Lilies

Golden pothos 

Snake Plant

Chilli plants


Aloe Vera

Venus fly trap 

Trending colours for kitchens 

You might already have thoughts about what colour you want to decorate your kitchen – and that’s great if you do! But if you’re on the fence, or want to follow the trends, next up we’re looking at the colours to consider this year. Remember, if you don’t want to commit to a shade on walls or cabinetry, you can always opt for neutral colours for cabinets and wall décor, and use accessories like artwork, light fittings, blinds and so on to add pops of the trending colour. 


Shades of green might not be the first colour you think of when choosing your kitchen, but they can look stunning in kitchens. Subtle shades of sage greens and seafoam are wonderfully soothing, but if you’re looking to make a stronger statement, then deep shades of emerald and forest greens can have the impact you’re looking for. US paint brand Benjamin Moore chose the shade ‘October Mist 1495’ as their colour of the year for 2022, and shared a palette of complementary shades to work with, which is a great resource if you’re unsure what colours to use it alongside.  

Warm earth hues

Soft and comforting, earth tones are simply gorgeous in kitchens. Shades of brown are welcoming, with terracotta, russet, and deep cocoa all featuring in designer kitchens. Of course, that also means that natural wood rising in popularity again – which we’re delighted about! If you’re not in the market for refitting your kitchen, bring in natural wood shelving, as well as a gorgeous natural wood kitchen table


You might think that black is too dark in a kitchen, but hear us out – we’re not suggesting that you start painting the walls black! Rather, we’re talking about using it as a strong contrast to white, or another light hue. To keep it becoming overwhelming, use black on cabinets below waist level, on floor tiles, or as detailing on your furniture, such as our rustic X-frame kitchen table and benches. If you’re looking to decorate in a way that won’t need refreshing for years, black and white is a classic combination that won’t go out of style, and allows you to change the look quickly by swapping out colourful accessories like tea towels, food caddies, and flowers.  


There has been a tendency towards ‘greige’ tones in the home recently – and it makes perfect sense, because it suits so many settings. In kitchens, grey with brown and green undertones feel warm and welcoming when compared to the stark sterility of pure white, and are certainly more forgiving when hiding smudges.

On trend kitchen details

Once you’ve chosen the look you want, it is time to get to choosing those details that will make your kitchen that extra bit better – and these are a few details that are on trend right now. 

Taps with technology – touchless designs, boiling water taps, filters, and sparkling water will enhance your drinking experience, and mean that you use less power to get the hot water that you need for your morning cuppa. 

Wallpaper – no, we’re not kidding – designers are using wallpaper in the kitchen going into 2023. Look for specifically designed kitchen wallpaper, or apply water-based matte varnish to protect the finish. 

Smart plugs connected to home hubs – this trend has been building for ages now throughout the home, but adding them in the kitchen means you can switch your appliances off and on from wherever you are, saving money and the planet. We also love the ability to turn the kettle on from bed on those cold winter mornings! 

Kitchen trends that are over

If you’re investing in a new kitchen, these are the trends that designers say are waning – so unless you really, truly love them, keep these trends off your inspiration board. 

Copper fixtures – polished nickel, or matte black are now preferred by designers for details like taps and cabinet hardware.

All-out industrial style kitchens – the industrial style kitchen won’t go away completely, but in 2023, the look has much more subtle detailing, like refined steel brackets, rather than highlighting pipework. 

Inbuilt speciality appliances – choose toasters, microwaves, and coffee makers that can easily be replaced when necessary. Similarly, avoid colour coordinated appliances – don’t be tempted by matching sets of kettle, toaster and so on, since they look too forcefully put together. Designers favour a more eclectic look right now, and they are easier to replace when necessary. 

Blingy design – avoid chandeliers and sparkly countertops. Instead, look for luxurious materials such as strong woods, and elegant stone counters.

Minimalist all-white décor – a completely white kitchen looks great, but only for about five minutes a day! This incredibly high maintenance look isn’t practical for family life. 

High gloss cabinets – these are being shunned by designers in favour of matte finishes.

Patterned splashbacks – unless you truly love them, these will quickly date your kitchen. 

Our final thoughts 

There are some gorgeous trends for designing, or simply refreshing your kitchen, whether you’re keen to keep your home up to date, or you are simply looking for inspiration. As always, getting the basics right, making sure you choose what you love, rather than what is trending, as well as ensuring you’re tackling your makeover projects in the most sustainable way will help to keep your home looking and feeling great. 

If you’ve been inspired by this post, when you’ve tackled your kitchen makeover – whether that is just a small addition, or a complete refurbishment – make sure you share how great it looks with us! We love seeing your updates, and our products in your homes, so tag us in your Instagram posts @bensimpsonfurniture, or get in touch via email.

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