Storage Ideas for Small Spaces In Your Home

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If your home might be described by an estate agent as ‘bijou’, or ‘compact’, then it is pretty likely that the amount of storage you have available is small too. Whether you’re in a cosy rustic country cottage, a starter home with less space than you initially thought, or a studio apartment in the city, you’ll need maximum storage – minus those ugly plastic boxes. In this post, we’re sharing storage ideas for small spaces in your home, to ensure it keeps chic but also uncluttered.

Small cream Home

3 Genius Storage Tips for Small Spaces 

1. Use Furniture Wisely 

Cupboards, chests of drawers, and storage units all spring to mind first when we’re thinking about storage furniture – but there are many ways to squeeze a bit more storage out of it too. Find our furniture storage ideas for small spaces below. 

Beds can offer plenty of storage as well as a space for slumber. Many divan beds have drawers, and ottoman beds have gas lifts to allow you access to the entire space underneath, which allows everything to be concealed. Space under traditional beds with legs can be utilised too, especially with under bed storage boxes – look for wooden ones with casters for a more attractive look, and ease of use. If you’re really short on space, then swapping your bed frame for a platform bed based on existing furniture can be another option – there are loads of ‘Ikea hacks’ you could try out!

Behind beds and sofas there is opportunity for storage. Add a long floating shelf behind the headboard or behind the sofa, and you eliminate the need for bedside tables, or end tables, and there’s potentially more storage beneath too.

Ottomans and sofas with ottomans are a great way to incorporate storage in plain sight – and depending on their size, they can be great for storing bigger items like blankets, bed linen, and towels.

small bedroom with wooden shelf storage
small space using wooden shelves for storage

Use storage furniture to divide up your space. Free standing shelving units, kitchen islands, and chests of drawers can be placed strategically to separate zones, while giving you that extra storage.

Floor-to-ceiling shelving and cupboards are a logical way to build in additional storage. Go for bespoke, solid wood shelves, or create your own look with commercially available furniture.

In bathrooms, freestanding under sink units and slimline tallboy cupboards can offer additional storage for toiletries and cosmetics, without needing permanent installation – and there are more bathroom storage ideas here.

Home offices can be created in tiny spots using shelves. You can create home office desk space in the smallest of alcoves, and if you don’t need a permanent setup, a foldaway desk saves floor space too. 

interior of small cabin with lots of storage ideas

2. Storage Within Your Storage

Once you have the furniture you need, there are some great ways to maximise the space inside them – and may even mean that you don’t need an extra piece of furniture.

Inside cupboards, under shelf storage, additional racks, hooks and holders can all help you to get the maximum amount of storage in the space, and adding rails and holders to the inside of doors can squeeze a bit more space. Searching for kitchen cupboard storage solutions will give you loads of ideas that you can apply to cupboards throughout your home. Similarly, drawer dividers can help you to use the space in them much more effectively.

Window sills aren’t typically used for storage in the traditional sense, but if you’re going to be using them for plants and trinkets, then why not use them to store things in decorative baskets and boxes too? Style them like shelves, but remember the damaging effects that the sun can have – don’t use antiques or sentimental pieces here.

Beneath windows, adding a seating space can save you needing extra chairs, and gives you additional storage. If your seating opens from the top rather than from the side, you’ll get more in.

Counter tops can be a place for storage too – if you choose decorative jars, baskets, and so on, and curate the storage like you would a #shelfie, then your storage can be decorative and functional. 

bathroom with baskets and wooden shelves for storage
wooden shelves in kitchen for spices

3. Bespoke Storage Solutions

Bespoke storage sounds expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. While you can pay for bespoke built-in storage, you may be able to create it yourself, working with shelving and existing furniture, as well as extra bits and pieces like hooks and rails. Discover bespoke storage ideas for small spaces below.

Underneath the stairs can be utilised much more effectively than most of us use it. Whatever you need to store in there – whether it is a utility space, or general storage – adding bespoke sized shelves with baskets, additional hooks, and even extra racks above and beneath means you can get even more in there.

Nooks and crannies can be made the most of with bespoke solutions! If you need a specific size shelf, get in touch – we make every piece to order, and so we can create the exact size you need.

Above and around doors offers another opportunity to add shelving. This can be a great place to add extra storage in bathrooms (for extra loo roll and towels) but can be used in other rooms for books, accessories, and more – and of course, your shelving can become part of your décor, especially if you style it well!

Make use of ceiling space by adding overhead racks to house saucepans and kitchen utensils. Adding longer shelves toward the ceiling can give you storage for books or decorative collections that you want on display, without taking up space you need for other stuff.

The backs of doors are often used in bathrooms for towels and bathrobes, but you can use the backs of doors in other rooms too. Rails, hooks, and even tiny shelves can be added to make extra storage available and free up space elsewhere. 

floating shelf above bath for extra storage
wooden shelves as a storage idea in laundry room

Saving space with storage ideas for small spaces 

Having enough storage can be difficult, particularly in smaller homes, but if you plan carefully, even the tiniest home can hold everything you need it to. If you found a perfect solution in our post today, when you’ve added it to your home, share it with us over on Instagram so we can give it some love – we’re @bensimpsonfurniture

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