Top 10 Interior Design Instagram Influencers to Follow

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Whether you’re decorating your home for the first time, you’re renovating a new home, or you’re simply changing things for the better, then you’ll almost certainly be looking for some inspiration. Luckily, you don’t have to go very far these days to find the sorts of images and videos that will leave you desperate to get started – Pinterest, and Instagram are easy places to start thanks to a world of interior design influencers and designers at the tip of your fingers.

There are very few interior designers that don’t display their work on Instagram today, and so where you once would have bought magazines to find inspiration, today you can get that inspiration for free, right in your Insta feed. In this post, we’re taking a look at some great interior design influencer accounts to follow – and although we’ve kept it to just ten, there are thousands more, so this post is just a starting point.

1508 London @1508london

The 1508 London interior design and architecture studio was recommended as one of the best interior designers in the UK by Country and Town House.

Their Instagram feed is full of simply gorgeous homes, hotels, and luxury residences, with opulent use of materials such as marble and uncluttered spaces.

If you’re looking for lighting inspiration, there are some incredible fixtures, from grand chandeliers to sleek gold up and down wall lights, and everything in between.  

1508 London Interior design studio

Benedict Winter @btdwinter

Whether you’re looking for bold escapism, or simply adore the inspiration that stately homes and country houses provide, then Benedict Winter’s feed makes for a great addition to the interior designers that you follow on Instagram.

You’ll find grand exteriors, rotunda, and ruins, as well as beautiful use of colour in and around the home. Photos of statues, murals, and ornate carvings mix with those of libraries and shelves filled with curios (you know how we feel about those #shelfies!) as well as antique furniture and hand painted wallpaper. 

Benedict Winter Interior design influencer

Marian McEvoy @gustthepoodle

When Vogue Interiors recommends someone, you know it is going to be worth the follow. If you’ve ever wondered if you should stick to brand new, or vintage, then Marian’s words are going to explain everything: “Rooms without antiques have no history, while rooms with nothing but antiques have no future”.

The @gustthepoodle Instagram is simply gorgeous, with a mix of interiors and gardens that we’d love to have in our own homes. If you’re artistic by nature, Marian’s artistry that makes us want to get our pens out – as well as our paints and craft supplies to see if we can replicate her beautiful collages!

You’ll also find the occasional shot of her sweet dog Nicky for good measure. 

Marian McEvoy interior and garden influencer

Justina Blakeney @justinablakeney

If your taste in interior design leans towards a mix of bright colours and grounding, natural materials, then you need to be following artist and designer Justina Blakeney.

Her feed is a riot of colour, showing how to decorate with bright, bold colours and incredible patterns that are simply gorgeous. Her work led her to invent the term ‘jungalow’ – that’s a blend of jungle and bungalow.

If you’ve just started to style your home with plants, or you’re looking for the absolute antithesis of magnolia to inspire your next home décor project, this account isn’t to be missed.  

Justina Blakeney bod colour interior designer

Abbie De Bunsen @abbiedebunsen

As an interior designer recognised by Country and Town House, you’d expect to see some incredible looks on Abbie De Bunsen’s Instagram – and you wouldn’t be disappointed.

Scrolling through her feed, you can easily see the phases of what has been inspiring her too, with certain shades, patterns, and themes lasting through several posts before her attention has been caught by something new.

There’s a gorgeously eclectic mix of posts, and whether you’re looking for the sort of content that is bang on trend, or you’re searching for an idea for a certain era, there is definitely a lot to inspire you on this designer’s feed. 

Top Interior Design Accounts to follow

Imperfect Interiors @imperfectinteriors

If, like us, your personal taste in interior design is a lot less grand and perfectly styled, and a little more achievable in your home, then the Instagram feed for the Imperfect Interiors design studio is definitely worth the follow.

 While they specialise in creating elegant and individual homes, the photos on their feed look like homes you’d actually feel at home in, with rustic elements and shelves styled in perfectly imperfect ways.

It isn’t just interiors that you’ll find on the Imperfect Interiors Instagram though – you’ll find greenery both inside and outside the home, with shots of gardens and conservatories and even shots from holiday settings to set you daydreaming just a little. 

Best Interior Design Influencers - Imperfect Interiors

Ewa Kaiser @lumikello__

Following interior designers from around the world has to be one of the fastest ways to be inspired – and we love the pretty, and achievable looks that Ewa posts on her feed from Germany.

The styles she shares clearly have Scandinavian influences, although her use of colour throughout helps to create a warmer, less stark take on the style.

You’ll find ideas for colourful artwork, crocheted rugs, and use of plants to add colour to your home, with many posts looking like they could be applied to many types of homes here in the UK too. 

Ewa Kaiser interior designer Scandinavian influencer

Colette Shelton @cococozy

Recognised by Forbes magazine, Colette Shelton’s Instagram feed is full of the kind of stunning images that we want in our homes.

Sure, there are certain elements of some homes that simply aren’t achievable in a typical UK home – grand sweeping staircases and swimming pools beneath blue skies aren’t quite the norm here – but there are definitely plenty of elements that can be used in the UK.

Gallery walls, creative use of unusual objects as wall décor, and gorgeous use of colour are just some of the elements of posts that you’ll find on this feed.  

Dreamy bedroom interior design

Brit Dot Design @britdotdesign

If you’re looking for an interior designer that also shares elements of DIY – well, there are loads of them to be found, but on Brit’s feed you’ll find a gorgeous home with art deco vibes to die for.

She’s chosen a relatively neutral colour palette for her home, with sherbet pastel shades incorporated throughout, and Brit also posts sharing advice about how she achieved the look in the pictures and videos – as we write this post, there’s a great post about styling shelves and whether to use neutrals or colour, but scrolling back there are some gorgeous set-ups that we’re tempted to go and copy ourselves.  

Top nterior design influencer accounts - Brit Dot Design

Havenly @thehavenly

Havenly market themselves as a one-stop online interior design shop, and when we scroll through their feed there are so many images that aren’t just inspirational – they’re absolutely achievable, and often with affordable versions of higher end pieces. While there are some neutrally styled spaces on their feed, there are some dramatic uses of deep colours such as navy, teal, and black, as well as statement wallpaper – which can be tough to get right without it being overwhelming in the space.

If you like being able to find the products that you see in posts on Instagram, then Havenly is one of the accounts to follow. Simply tap their perfectly styled interiors to see links to where you can buy from – although there are many US businesses on there. If you don’t see a link, the Havenly team are pretty on the ball with providing information about where you can get those items – such as if a rug is vintage, or something their client already owned. Although they’re not completely on-topic, we also love the odd TikTok post with dogs and cats that make it onto their feed – can you tell we love a cute pet post?! 

Interior design instagram accounts to follow - Havenly

Ben Simpson Furniture @bensimpsonfurniture

OK, so it is a bit cheeky of us to include our account alongside some of the best interior designers on Instagram – because we’re not interior designers – but this is our post, so we’re going to include ourselves!

On our Instagram, you’ll find some of the best inspiration from our customers showing our products in their homes – and honestly, we’re blown away by some of the gorgeous looks that you’ve created at home. Clearly our customers have an eye for interior design, even when they’re not working with interior designers, which is why we’re delighted to share their posts with you. 

Bn Simpson Interior Design Influencer - kitchen design

Find inspiration, ideas and tips from our list of top interior design accounts

As we said at the start of this post, there are so many different interior design influencer accounts that make for a good follow on Instagram that we have barely scratched the surface.

The accounts we’ve included in this post are great, and we definitely think there is a lot to gain from them, but if you’re planning a project that you need inspiration for, finding and following on Instagram is a great place to start – and don’t forget that you can save posts to collections, just like you would on Pinterest. 

While you’re on Instagram curating your feed, don’t forget to give us a follow – @bensimpsonfurniture – and let us know your favourite interior designers!

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