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Bring natural warmth back into your home with our range of rustic home accessories. Handcrafted and designed to complement wooden furniture, add the perfect finishing touches to any space with rustic home accessories.





Metal Kitchen Shelf Rail
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    About our Rustic Home Accessories

    At Ben Simpson Furniture, we are dedicated to bringing you high-quality, sustainable, rustic home accessories that add texture to any space. We take care to source and craft pieces that not only look beautiful but also uphold our commitment to sustainability. From the wood and materials we use to the packaging your purchase arrives in, sustainability is built into every step.

    With every product we put our name to three criteria always have to be met:

    ▪ Is it Sustainable?

    ▪ Is it High Quality?

    ▪ Is it something I want in my own home?

    We want our customers to feel good bringing our accessories into their homes; our craftsmen pay close attention to detail, creating rustic home accessories that are built to last for years to come.