12 Rustic Bathroom Decor Essentials

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There’s a lot of variation in what people consider a rustic bathroom – which means that there are infinite ways to bring rustic elements in. Having a great bathroom is like having a great bedroom – you might not appreciate it every time that you’re in there, but when you’re taking a leisurely moment to relax in your tub, you’ll really appreciate that you took the time to make it into something you love.

So whether you’re planning to do a complete bathroom renovation project, or you’re simply adding to what you’ve already got, creating a rustic bathroom in your home is well worth your time.

How Can I Create a Rustic Country Bedroom?

Rustic Bathroom Décor

If you’ve got a bathroom suite you love already, and you’re looking to make what you have into a rustic bathroom, then you’ll be looking at the more permanent changes that you can make. Choosing the right paint colour, additional furniture, and lighting are all great places to start. 

1. Wall Colours

As with other rooms in the home, there are ways to bring in most colours for rustic décor – you just have to choose the right shades. Rustic paints tend to be more muted, and so bold reds, pinks and purples generally don’t work – although with a careful approach, it can be done! We shared rustic paint colours in this post, so when you’re looking for inspiration, start there.

Using colour in on bathroom walls can make the place look great, you don’t actually have to move away from white completely. Most of us prefer a white bathroom suite today, as they are easier to keep clean, and white walls and tiles keep things nice and fresh too. You can bring the colour in using furniture and accessories, and natural wooden finishes are absolutely perfect in rustic bathrooms.

2. Wooden Finishes

When it comes to furniture for your bathroom – under-sink units, tallboy cupboards and so on – rustic wood effects are exactly what you’re looking for. With the right treatment, almost every natural wood can be used in the bathroom, and there are many vintage pieces that can be repurposed for use in the bathroom too. If you’re buying vintage, to keep the rustic look becoming untidy, look for woods that are similar shades, or consider sanding them down and treating them with the same finish.

If you prefer an all-white look in your bathroom, but you want to avoid MDF and manufactured woods, look for furniture with finishes like our shabby chic effect. This finish isn’t quite white, but is definitely close enough to look right at home in a minimalist bathroom space.  

Rustic Country Bedroom Decor
Rustic Country Bedroom Decor

3. Lighting

Great lighting is essential in your bathroom – especially when you’re applying makeup, shaving, and so on. Ceiling downlights are standard in many bathrooms, but they aren’t the only options. The only restriction that you need to be aware of is that the light fitting that you choose for your bathroom must be IP44 rated or above, for safety – this will ensure that the light isn’t going to malfunction with the moisture in the room, or if it is splashed accidentally.

You can find whichever style of ceiling or wall light that you like to suit your rustic bathroom – from antique chandeliers, to lanterns, industrial effect multi-bulb fittings, and wall lights that can sit above or around your mirror. As well as having plenty of styles to choose from, there are light fittings in a huge range of different materials too. If your furniture is wooden, you might choose a wooden light to complement it, while if you’ve chosen a bracket shelf, you might choose a metal style in a finish similar to the colour of the bracket, or in a similar colour to your taps – the choices are endless.

4. Taps

If you’re not in the market for a complete renovation, how about changing the taps to make your bathroom that little bit more rustic? Brass taps in a traditional style will almost never go out of fashion, they look great, and they’re generally not all that difficult to change – although if you’re not up to it, a plumber will be able to do the job for you, usually within an hour.

Rustic Country Bedroom
Rustic Country Bedroom Accessories

5. Bathroom Doors

Interior doors don’t have to be plain white! Changing your bathroom door to one made from reclaimed wood can create a real rustic look and feel. Bear in mind though, if you’re changing the door on the family bathroom, you’ll need to ensure it can be closed tightly – privacy is key here! That means saving sliding bathroom doors for ensuite bathrooms, where there is another door that can be closed between the bathroom and the rest of the home.

6. Accessories For Your Rustic Bathroom

While some people love the idea of having a completely rustic, cabin in the woods, or farmhouse style bathroom, that isn’t for everyone, and in many cases, completely redoing your bathroom simply isn’t on the cards. Mixing rustic accessories with modern bathrooms means that you can create a truly unique effect, and a fabulous look can be achieved even if your budget is tight. Look for items that are natural, vintage, or that have aged effects – whether you’re buying brand new, or you’re scouring thrift stores and flea markets.

7. A Great Mirror

A great mirror is probably one of the first things to choose for your bathroom – after your bathroom suite, it is the next essential. Whether you go for one with a natural wood frame, a metal frame, or a one with a completely different effect, choose a great one, and as large as possible for the space before it becomes overbearing.

Rustic Country Bedroom Design

8. Rustic Shelving

We can’t write a post about rustic bathrooms without mentioning shelves – and our range is perfect for rustic bathrooms. Adding shelves to bathrooms provides additional storage without needing extra floor space, which means you have a spot for your toothbrush mug, a soap dish, and a plant – and of course, when they are styled, they look great too.

9. Baskets And Crates

Bathroom storage can be a complete minefield, especially in bathrooms that don’t have much space. If all your bathroom essentials on display (and especially those items of a more personal nature!) isn’t the look you’re going for, hide them away in baskets. Because baskets are typically made from natural materials, they are perfect in rustic bathrooms – and if you’re accessorising a guest bathroom, then a wooden crate holding freshly laundered, rolled towels and extra toothbrushes can provide that extra luxury.

10, Bath Mat

Water on the floor can cause slips and falls that are easily avoided. Many of us use a bath mat, and if that is your preferred option, then be sure to choose one that is easily laundered, and ideally made from natural fibres, as well as one that is in keeping with the colour scheme that you have chosen.

Bath mats aren’t the only option you have though, and if you’re bringing in wooden design elements, then you might look at a wooden duckboard in a similar finish to your shelves – cedar is commonly used, as is bamboo, and there are loads of styles available. If bringing greenery into your bathroom isn’t possible because you’ve got limited space, then consider a bath mat made from moss – these living, natural options feel great on your feet and thrive from the excess moisture in the air.

Rustic Country Bedroom Tips
Rustic Country Bedroom Design

11. Soft Furnishings

Choosing towels and shower curtains are the finishing touches in rustic bathrooms, and they can be as simple, or as decorative as you prefer – plain white or cream, with a stripe of colour is ideal. A great tip that we love when hanging shower curtains is to actually use two fabric shower curtains, and have them part in the middle, rather than at one end of the bath. It’ll add a little more of a luxury feel, and helps to ensure that, should anyone accidentally walk in, they’re not going to see you in there. Perfect if you’ve got teenagers that don’t want you to see them, or children who haven’t quite mastered the concept that you want privacy when you’re in there!

12. Plants For The Bathroom

Interior designers are putting plants everywhere throughout the home, and in bathrooms they can make brilliant finishing touches. A little greenery can be a great addition to your bathroom – and when you consider that some plants can thrive in warm, humid environments, helping to keep steam and bacteria at bay, it makes sense to bring them in, not just from a style perspective, but from a health perspective too.

The size of your bathroom, and how much natural light there is will depend on what plant will work best for you. In tiny bathrooms, a potted aloe vera, snake plant, or a peace lily on a shelf will work perfectly, spider plants and ivy are great for creating coverage, and if you have a lot of space, then ferns and calathea can thrive. If there is plenty of light, bring in a eucalyptus – the menthol scent that they release will make your bathroom smell like a luxury spa.

Check these guys out, they have a brilliant selection of plants to suit any rustic room - PATCH PLANTS

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